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Beta Testers Wanted for VLink-TI
Posted on 14 August 1998, 01:45 GMT

Visa Harvey is searching for beta testers for an upcoming version (0.7.x) of VLink-TI, DOS linking software for the TI-Graph Link and the parallel link cable. Features should include an easy to use interface, backup support, and sending programs straight from ZIP files. Please e-mail Visa if you would like to be a beta tester.


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Re: Beta Testers Wanted for VLink-TI
Brian Johnson

I would be happy to test your program out for you.
I have a parallel Ti-graph link.
Thank you.

     12 May 1999, 01:20 GMT

Re: Beta Testers Wanted for VLink-TI
Gaetano C. Gangarossa

To Whom it may concern:

I would like to be a beta tester for this unit for multiple reasons, one mostly because I do extensive calculous and calculous bassed physics at school. also within my department of computer & Electrical enginnering there would be a great need for complicated and long equations.

Thank you for you time,
Gaetano (Guy) Gangarossa

     28 July 1999, 02:08 GMT

Re: Beta Testers Wanted for VLink-TI

I would be interested in testing provided I could keep the link and software when and if in the final stage. AWww I test it anyway for free. It is for an 83 too?

     6 August 1999, 17:46 GMT

Re: Beta Testers Wanted for VLink-TI

I would be very happy to test this software out if you will let me borrow a link since I only have a serial link! ;)

So if you can loan me a link for some callateral I will be more than willing to beta test out this software for you!

     18 August 1998, 22:55 GMT

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