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Monopoly v0.71 Beta Released
Posted on 11 August 1998, 05:41 GMT

[Monopoly Screenshot]
After its pre-release debut on ticalc.org two weeks ago, Monopoly v0.71 Beta for the TI-86 is now available to the public. This game, a clone of the popular board game by Milton Bradly, was programmed by Kirk Meyer. Currently, it is still in beta and some things are not done yet. Things that need to be done (in order of priority) are:

  • Get out of jail free cards
  • Income and luxury taxes
  • Bankrupt routines
  • Save game option
  • Ability to trade
  • Property repairs card
  • Auctions


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Re: Monopoly v0.71 Beta Released
Dimagus Demorath

Just letting everyone know that there is a bug in this game. When you try to Mortgage something, hitting both [Y] and [N] both mortgages that property, and it doesn't give you any money for it.

     11 August 1998, 16:16 GMT

Re: Monopoly v0.71 Beta Released
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Game looks great! Monopoly is a great game to make! Good luck on finishing it Kirk.

     11 August 1998, 17:08 GMT

Re: Monopoly v0.71 Beta Released

This is for the 86 I guess. Since it didnt inform me in the news article. This has some good graphics and has a few bugs that could use a little work. But keep up the good work and the good programs.

     12 August 1998, 03:27 GMT

Re: Re: Monopoly v0.71 Beta Released
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Yes it is for the TI-86. Sorry, it didn't directly say it in the article. I'll go ahead and fix that. But if you look at the hyperlink to the file, you can see it is for the TI-86.

     12 August 1998, 03:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Monopoly v0.71 Beta Released
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Yeah, would you please put the system that each "article" game is for bryan. I thought that raycaster by clem was for the 92. :)

     12 August 1998, 16:04 GMT

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