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Mini-Shell v0.6 Released
Posted on 10 August 1998, 12:27 GMT

[Mini-Shell Screenshot]
The latest in the TI-86 shell roundup, Mini-Shell v0.6, was just released by Chicane. This is the smallest TI-86 shell so far, only 579 bytes, however it doesn't slack off on features. Mini-Shell features assembly and BASIC program support, contrast changing, calculator shutdown, and program deletion. The only major disadvantage is only one program is displayed on the screen at a time. Future versions may include program size information, a variable viewer, and free memory display. If you are looking for a small and decent shell, Mini-Shell is for you.

The Assembly Shell Comparisons page, located in the Features section, has been updated for Mini-Shell.


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Re: Mini-Shell v0.6 Released
Glen Solsberry

this could be a very good shell.....if it makes some changes....first it needs multiple program displays....more functions like the mem locker and name changing would be very nice....the delete function is very good, but there should be a place for those programs that were deleted to go (in case the mem got reset)....like a trash can or something....a good shell all in all....id give it a 8/10....

     10 August 1998, 14:38 GMT

Re: Re: Mini-Shell v0.6 Released

Thanks for the review. In regards to the trash can thing, It is almos impossible to recover anything from a crash, because the VAT is usually cleared, even if the actual program code is not. To fix this, would take a ton of time, and code, and would make Mini-Shell not so mini, which is not what i am going for.

     10 August 1998, 21:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Mini-Shell v0.6 Released

In my experience, the VAT is usually not cleared,
but there is a pointer that says where the VAT ends
which is reset. You could just flip through RAM
page 7 and find most of the old VAT data. I don't
actually think the trash can would be a very good/useful
feature though.

     10 August 1998, 23:00 GMT

Re: Mini-Shell v0.6 Released

Are you going tobe able to play 85 and/or 82 programs on it? You should make it so it can.

     10 August 1998, 18:51 GMT

Re: Re: Mini-Shell v0.6 Released

If you want to be able to play 85/82 games, use a larger shell like Rascall. The purpose of this shell is to be compact, and full of important features. I will not include 85 emulation in Mini-Shell, However, i am also working on OS-86, which will be a full-featured OS, and may include emulation of other calcs, possibly even the 83, if i can figure out how.

     10 August 1998, 21:50 GMT

Re: Mini-Shell v0.6 Released
Patrick Wilson
(Web Page)

This shell Isn't full of features, it isn't that much of a GUI, it might not even fun to work with, but it's small and gets the job done! This program was meant to be small. It's a perfect shell for the purpose. It gets a 10/10 from me. The only complaint about it is what's with the waisted space, you could show at LEAST 10 programs with that screen!

     11 August 1998, 03:28 GMT

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