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Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
Posted on 8 August 1998, 19:25 GMT

[Maze-3D Screenshot]
The beta testing of Maze-3D for the TI-86 continues as Beta 2 was released to 18 beta testers today by CLEM. New features include faster gameplay, three screen sizes, and new textures. The game is just over 6K and does not require any free memory to run. Beta 3 promises to be even faster and might include objects or even weapons and enemies.

CLEM is having a title screen contest for Maze-3D. It must be 4-shaded grayscale and include:

  • Maze-3D
  • The Ultimate 3-D Raycaster
  • by Clem
The winner will receive beta versions of the game and their name in the credits. Check out the Maze-3D Home Page for more information.


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Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
Jason K.

Hey, this game looks pretty smooth, and at first I assumed it was for the 92, but i went to that webpage and its for the 86, right? Hmm, can stuff like this be made on the 83, and how does the concept of "raycasting games" work? Can someone tell me where I can begin finding out about this programming technique cuz I want to create a Might & Magic type game in ASM, for the 83. Thanks...

     8 August 1998, 21:15 GMT

Re: Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
Brett B.
(Web Page)

E-mail me for some basic info. My e-mail address should be above.

     9 August 1998, 00:15 GMT

Re: Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Yes, it is for the TI-86. Sorry I forgot to mention that in the news article. I think I'll add it.

     9 August 1998, 00:27 GMT

Re: Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
Scott Glover
(Web Page)

how does the concept of "raycasting games" work? I am just curious. Also the game looks cool.

     9 August 1998, 02:17 GMT

Re: Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
(Web Page)

Could someone please tell me how ray casting works, id like to incorporate it into some of my games.

     11 August 1998, 20:26 GMT

Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
Jussi Ollila

There is a similiar program for 85 called Daedalus, available from ticalc.org. I was shocked when I saw Daedalus for first time, and this one doesn't look any worse.. Daedalus's FPS rate isn't too high, but I bet both are worth seeing and playing. (Boy I'd like to have a 89: if you can make Wolfenstein on 6MHz Z80, then I can do Quake on MC68000 10MHz ;)

     9 August 1998, 04:24 GMT

Re: Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
Matt Zykan
(Web Page)

10mhz? HA! Is anyone working on programs that are meant for overclocked calcs? I run mine at around 28mhz. An overclocked TI-92 can match if not surpass a standard TI-92II. I just wonder if line-based 3D games are possible. Mmmmmm.... Quake92....

     10 August 1998, 00:41 GMT

Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing
(Web Page)

Let me just say Maze 3D looks great. I just wanted to know when it was going to be realesed to the public or when you are going to have another beta test. Thanks!

     11 August 1998, 16:15 GMT

Re: Maze-3D Continues Beta Testing

This isn't really about maze 3d itself but would you reccomend a TI-92 or a TI-86 for 3d games? E mail me back.

     14 August 1998, 01:46 GMT

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