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ZTetris v1.2 Released
Posted on 8 August 1998, 18:45 GMT

[ZTetris Screenshot]
ZTetris v1.2 for AShell83 and ZTetris v1.2 for SOS were both released today by Ahmed El-Helw. What's new is an AShell83 version and a SOS version which uses the ZGFXL library. The SOS version with no libraries is still included. This version also fixes the pixel flashing bug and the APD bug. This should be the last version.


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Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Evil S

If I added sound to Ztetris 82/83, would anyone use it?

     8 August 1998, 22:49 GMT

Re: Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Kurt T.

I think sound would be cool for ZTetris 82. How do you program sound anyway? I know you send bytes out port 7, but in that combinations to produce audible sound?

     8 August 1998, 23:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released

um....yeah..sound would be cool, but you guys are forgeting one thing...

sound utilizes the linkport and if you had sound, you would have to trade off link play...

     9 August 1998, 02:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Evil S

Linkplay would still work. You would simply not be able to listen while linking.

     9 August 1998, 04:30 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Geoffrey MERCK

Port 7? Isn't it port 0 ont he 82/83??...

     9 August 1998, 10:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Evil S

Yes, it is Port 0 on the 82. I'm not sure about the 83. Its port 7 on the 85.

     9 August 1998, 23:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

The 83 linking routines are kinda complicated, I couldn't get them to work until Florent gave them to me... anyways, I don't think sound is a great idea, because most of us use our calcs at school, and don't have the time to sit in front of our calcs with headphones on our ears listneing to little beeps. Not worth the trouble IMHO.

     10 August 1998, 21:43 GMT

Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released

Is grayscale so terribly difficult to implement that hardly anyone wants to mess with it? The only non-92 game I have seen with grayscale is vertigo...I don't see any flickering that everyone bashes grayscale with. Someone tell me why grayscale is so terrible.

     9 August 1998, 01:56 GMT

Re: Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Geoffrey MERCK

Grayscale is slower on the 83 because it uses a Display controller...

     9 August 1998, 10:42 GMT

Re: ZTetris v1.2 Released
Daniel S.

I think this is a great prot and i also think you and some other programmers should team up and make a game of pinball which no one has come out with yet.

     9 August 1998, 18:01 GMT

Re: Pinball

I think pinball is the best idea for a game I have heard yet. I know very minimal assembly for the 83, but when the ti-89 comes out I will really start to learn it. You can expect a pinball release from me about 6 months after the ti-89 release. In the meantime, we need one for the 83, preferably one by nagel or joe w. :)

     9 August 1998, 20:04 GMT

Re: Re: Pinball
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

If that is implying that I shouldn't make it, don't worry, I don't know how to play Pinball well anyways.. I like puzzle games more than anything else.

     10 August 1998, 21:44 GMT

how about PlainJump on TI-83?

Can anyone port PlainJump V1.0 from TI-86 to TI-83? I'd love to have that game in my TI-83.

     13 August 1998, 00:04 GMT

Re: how about PlainJump on TI-83?
Evil Sam

Ahmed and I are working together to port Plain Jump to the 82/83.

     13 August 1998, 16:15 GMT

Re: Re: how about PlainJump on TI-83?

thank you

     14 August 1998, 01:08 GMT

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