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Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Posted on 4 August 1998, 05:37 GMT

[Super Mario 86 Screenshot]
After months of development, Bill Nagel has finally released Super Mario 86 v0.91. Features include powerups, breakable blocks, moving platforms, bouncy blocks, coins, hills, waterworlds, extra lives, falling donuts, animated blocks, over ten different enemies, and sound. New in version 0.91 are custom ending messages, power jumps, and a few minor bug fixes. Plans for future versions include custom graphics for your levels, ability to go down pipes, and more enemies.


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Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released

Will this game be ported to the Ti-92? I just bought a 92, only to find out that all the games are for the 86. It really sounds like a great game.

     27 August 1998, 00:35 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Ramza Boulve

YESSSS!!!! Finally a kick butt game for the TI other than joltima. Say if you can see this bill please let me know if you have a web page. as was mentioned above by Jeremy H. that your email adresses are either out of date or you do not answere them. For example the one included in the title screen of mario86. w/ hotmail you can't access the penguins@your-house.com address. Is this address no longer valid?

     8 September 1998, 01:51 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released

Waaait a sec Bill.... you said earlier that 'Greyshell and Scolling are Impossible' but I Know that this very thing has been done in a game called Mcmike (here at ticalc.org if your curious). This is a sidescrolling game much like Mario that uses greyscale graphics and smooth scrolling... so whats going on with you? Are jsut not sure how to implement it? Don't get me wrong by the way I adore the game. I just didn't know if you knew that it is indeed possible.

-- Les

     16 September 1998, 20:12 GMT

any free parallel lines?
the rizo

i have a ti-86, i have a computer

     27 September 1998, 02:07 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Tareq Ahmed
(Web Page)

Hi. I'm gonna join the 300 billion other people here and comment on what a wonderful masterpiece by Bill Nagel. I bought my 86 about 5 months ago, and let me tell you, i haven't regreted it one bit. Games are jsut SWEET for the 86, like SM86 and Sim Community 2000.

Anyways, to my point now...
I had a few questions on SM86. Please e-mail me or post a response here if you know the answer...

So far, I have made it to the 5th level (the one with the ship and the cannonballs).

How many levels are there?

Is there a level that is completely underwater or like that, (like in SML1 For gameboy)?

If there is an underwater level, are you just regular mario simming, or are you in a submarine like in SML1 for gameboy?

On Bill's homepage, he mentioned that "Invinciblility" is included, where can this be found? (what level)

I also found, here, that there are 1ups in the Question Boxes. Is this right? If it is, what level, cause i haven't found it yet. If it isn't, then are the only way to get 1ups by getting 100 coins?

Thanks everyone. Please reply or post and answer if you can.

     14 October 1998, 04:42 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
(Web Page)

This is the BEST game! You have to get it for your calculator, NOW! It even has sound. Also, it's just fun to play. I can't wait for the next version.

     4 August 1998, 06:15 GMT

Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Erik D.

You have to port this to the 83 as soon as possible. If there are any future plans of this tell the public please.

     4 August 1998, 06:18 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Ken Ritzert

I agree this has 2 be ported right away. I saw the screen shot and i almost started to drool.

     4 August 1998, 08:55 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
MERCK Geoffrey

Go Bill!... Don't stop!... Will you release the source code? This would be cool for other calcs programmers (82/83/85) for porting it to their platform!....

     4 August 1998, 10:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Jeremy Halvorsen

Well to start off in responce to the last subject. Bill Nagle rarely if ever releases source codes. I don't know of any games he has released. ok now a personal note. about bill. i gotta say this kid is pretty damn amazing as a programmer. as a person i don't really care for the guy. Anyone else ever notice that if you try to email him or some of the other good programmers you never get a responce. or atleast i don't. and then i mail him telling him about never getting a responce and still never get one. and i am not saying "oh no he didn't respond the next day" i mean ever. so i hope he reads this and like pays attention to people that try to tell him how cool he is.

     4 August 1998, 18:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Bill N

As far as I'm aware, I answer all of my emails with the exception of release dates. Any programmer will tell you how annoying this can be. If you want any source code (other than mario or ase) just ask.

     4 August 1998, 21:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Sam Heald

I also couldn't get an email response from you for the longest time. The problem is you have way too many email addresses most of which are out of date. In almost every program of yours, you list different and sometimes multiple email addresses. The only time I have ever recieved a response from you was when I mailed the usa.net one.

     4 August 1998, 23:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Geoffrey MERCK

Well Bill,this is very very good job you have done. I just have one question: will you or will someone port SM86 to an other calc?....
I'd like such cool games just for annoying friends with Casio (hu!..) calcs!....

     5 August 1998, 19:47 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released

Yes, i would definately love to see a port to the 83, but the 86 version isn't even completely finished yet, so i am thinking it won't even get started for a few months.......it looks awesome.

     5 August 1998, 22:35 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Justin Hunt

All I can say, Bill, is, WOOHOO! You are a genious! I was wondering if you would answer me on this, where did you learn to program assembly like this!?! It's wonderful! I am getting an 86 in 1 day and this is the first thing I am going to put on it!
Good job!

     4 August 1998, 06:20 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Micah Gibson

Geez! This game blows all others outta the water! I'm glad that someone finally took the time to make a comprehensive, quality program. This game is almost good enough to be put up for sale. Good job Bill!

     4 August 1998, 07:42 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Scott Glover
(Web Page)

Bill Nagel, Super Mario 86 rules!!!!! This is by far the best game made for the TI-86! So all of you ti-86 owners, download super mario 86 imediately!!!! By the way, I have started to work on a cool game that I will call MK4! Based on the pc game(sort of). It will have fatalities, and everything else the orginal game has. I am setting up a title pic contest on my website, so please send your best ideas to me, mglover@myriad.net

     4 August 1998, 07:54 GMT

Mk4 86
Scott Glover
(Web Page)

I am working on a really cool game for the TI-86, I am calling it "MK4 86"!! I have figured out the assembly layout of the game. It will have everything that the game for the pc has. Please visit my page http://members.tripod.com/~mglover/ for more information and send your title screen so I can select one for the game.

     4 August 1998, 08:54 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Matt Tandy
(Web Page)

Wow! This game has it all, and it isn't even finished. Bill, this is by far your best calculator game yet!! It makes SQRXZ seem like it was made in BASIC!! Nintendo needs to hire you!

     4 August 1998, 10:01 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Bryan Wyatt

I guess I know what to do with my money now, Time for an 86.

     4 August 1998, 16:05 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 v0.91 Released
Michael Van den Bergh
(Web Page)

Whow ! It just keeps amazing me how many great games are released for the TI-86 ! I bought mine a year ago just to play Tetris and BreakOut, but now super cool games like SimCommunity 2000 and even Super Mario come available for the TI-86 !!! I just wonder, where do you learn assembly like this ?! Because I'm restricted to the C compiler (you might have seen my quite boring Tennis game). Keep up the good work ! (oh, I hope you'll port it to the TI-89 when it comes available, because I'm planning to buy one then.)

     4 August 1998, 16:56 GMT

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