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Preview of Maze-3D
Posted on 4 August 1998, 01:58 GMT

[Maze-3D Screenshot]
Maze-3D Beta 1 for the TI-86 was released to 13 beta testers today by CLEM. This is a 3D raycasting game that plays just like Daedalus for ZShell, except enemies and weapons are not included yet. Right now the game is almost 6K but it requires that you have 16K free memory. The game does feature grayscale, even though the screenshot to the right is black and white. Features that should be in the final version include enemies, weapons, ammo, 2 player link game, and an on-calc level editor with compression.


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Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Matt S.

This game has potential to be one of the games of the year. With the grayscale feature and the great graphics, it still has great control. Keep up the good work CLEM.

     4 August 1998, 03:49 GMT

Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Mike M

why does the game require so much free space??? Couldn't you use LZSS compression, on it to reduce the size of the program, and the ammount of free space required??? Anyway, the game looks sweet! You should definately stick with it and finish it soon!!!

     4 August 1998, 04:31 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Alan Wong / Damnation

I think it is compressed already... which means that the free space is used to uncompress and use the information. You just can't use compressed info in raw form, you have to uncompress (i think).

     4 August 1998, 05:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Chris  Account Info
(Web Page)

You'll still need 16K of RAM even though you compress the data/code. it works just like a computer. You have hte HD and the RAM. Even if your program is compressed on the hard drive with pkzip (let's say). You still need to uncompress it in the RAM to run it...

     8 April 2000, 00:53 GMT

Re: Preview of Maze-3D

I was wondering what their homepage of CLEM. I would also like to know if fps is going to be high or low like Daedalus

     4 August 1998, 05:08 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

CLEM's homepage is at http://www.mygale.org/~clems/

     4 August 1998, 05:45 GMT

Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Looks to be impressive. I'll have to load it onto my calc to test the FPS and Play Control though. 3d games are always interesting to see, and do please continue this project even though a raycasting(tracing?) game is difficult to endure.

     4 August 1998, 06:43 GMT

Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Glen Solsberry

I beta tested this game. It has very smooth graphics, dual button controls, and very good 3D effects... My only problem was that is was a split screen view....

     4 August 1998, 14:08 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D

I see you tested this game. Is it possible to mail me a copy as I am really impatient and would like to try the game ?

     4 August 1998, 17:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

CLEM probably wouldn't like his beta testers giving out the beta copies to everyone. The purpose of a beta testing team is to allow a small group of people to test the game without spreading the game all over the world.

     4 August 1998, 17:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Glen Solsberry

Bryan is right. If you really want a copy of it, email CLEM and see if he'll allow you the use of one.... Otherwise, you're SOL for a while....

     4 August 1998, 19:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Michael (again)

I have e-mailed to CLEM, but got no answer so far. The reason of beta testing is not always a small group (Windows 95 had thousands and thousands of beta testers), and there are a lot of games on ticalc.org which are still in beta, even Super Mario 86 !!! The testing of a piece of software in a small group of programmers only is called alpha testing. Then a program is released to a larger group in the outside world. Then bad companies (especially Microsoft and IBM) start to distribute bugged software, and let the buyers phone in all the 3000 bugs which were left in Windows 95 on august 24, 1995. This is called gamma testing.

     5 August 1998, 08:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

A lot of people, espically in the TI community, don't take to this strict definition of beta testing. Some people freely release their beta versions to everyone and some create beta testing groups. (BTW - a alpha/beta testing group is usually proportional to the size of the entire user base. That's why Windows 95 had so many beta testers and TI games have small numbers of beta testers.)

     5 August 1998, 08:50 GMT

Re: Preview of Maze-3D

exactly how smooth is it..does it increment out 1 pixel every movement for example...i'm working on cdoom and it is completely smooth scrolling and runs very fast (because I havent added all the details to slow it down...

I will be interested to see yours soon..sounds great

     4 August 1998, 23:50 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Mike M

How much space does your CDOOM take up? And also, do you have any screenshots or details written up about the game??? Lastly, do you have your own homepage, or a page with info on CDOOM???
Well, I can't wait to see it!!!

     6 August 1998, 18:06 GMT

Re: Preview of Maze-3D
Alex Lash
(Web Page)

Congrats CLEM, impressive /w/ keeping the actual program under 6k with greyscale and everything. Daedalus was pretty huge, or so I'm told. I'm wondering what the fps and play control is like, guess I'll wait for my beta...

     6 August 1998, 03:47 GMT

Maze 3D -- Multiplayer
Thomas Grooms

This game sure looks pretty cool; I'm sure it will be even better to play. The looks game on this game sounds like it will be awsome. It could become the Goldeneye of the TI-86. I always had fun playing linkable Tetris (definately a fun game), but this will definately top that off. No more boredom blues once this is released. I hope the game is deathmatch, rather than cooperative teaming against the computer baddies. Well, keep up the good work!!

     6 August 1998, 20:24 GMT

Re: Maze 3D -- Multiplayer

Linkplay 3-D game for the 86...drool...:-)
That would ROCK...

     6 August 1998, 22:52 GMT

Re: Preview of Maze-3D

I'm very impressed! I've tried to learn raycasting for PC. I made a very simple one in C++. CLEM must be a genius, making floating point mathematics in ASM is a pain in the ass. I say I rather play a smooth game than a slow detailed. The idea of a small group of beta-testers is great, if they don't spead the game. What I wanted more of is more screenshots and info. Keep on working CLEM. If you have the fighting spirit I think you can make it!

     7 August 1998, 01:13 GMT

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