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ZTetris 1.0 for SOS Released
Posted on 2 August 1998, 05:50 GMT

[ZTetris Screenshot]
ZTetris 1.0 for SOS was released today by Ahmed El-Helw. This is an exact port of the TI-82 version, but with a better fix for the pixel bug on the title screen. Ahmed may make an AShell83 version in the future.


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Re: ZTetris 1.0 Released
Geoffrey MERCK

Go Ahmed!... Best regards to everyone working hard on the ASM scene!!!!

     2 August 1998, 10:04 GMT

Re: ZTetris 1.0 Released

Actually my title screen fix is 4 bytes smaller.

     2 August 1998, 17:51 GMT

Re: Re: ZTetris 1.0 Released
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

Well, that's because I had to put my initials, and
I had to set or reset some 83 specific flags :)
Hey, at least I didn't fix the pixel-line bug in 99 bytes :) Just joking :) You go Sam, thanks,
I probably wouldn't have had the energy to go
through porting the 86 version :) I would have given up :) Thank God I didn't give up on this one either :)

     2 August 1998, 21:19 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ZTetris 1.0 Released

My routine is actually smaller. I added your routine to the 82 version and it jumped 4 bytes. It has nothing to do with your initials being on the title screen. Yes, porting from the 85 is 50X harder than porting to the 83, but I am a glutton for punishment :) Btw, don't give up on PJ :)

     2 August 1998, 21:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ZTetris 1.0 Released
David Phillips

Good work, both of you. I know it takes alot of work to port code. I'll bet going through and figuring out Mardell's code was not easy.

One of you guys with alot of porting experience needs to write a faq about going from the 85/86 to the 82/83.

     3 August 1998, 07:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ZTetris 1.0 Released
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

Regarding the porting journal, I wrote a journal about porting from 82-83, but it hasn't been released yet. But yes, that is a great idea.

And to Sam - Ztetris 83 1.0 is still smaller than ZTetris 82 1.1 :) hehehehe. But this may change.
By the way, does anyone have that problem where
the pixels flash with the 83 version? Some people
reported this, others said it works fine.. it works fine on mine, I am guessing it's Joe's copy routine. Oh well, looks like I have to change it...

     3 August 1998, 22:01 GMT

Re: ZTetris 1.0 Released
(Web Page)

Yeah!!! ZTetris!!! Thank you Ahmed, Sam, Jimmy, and Patrick!!! Love your work!!! THANKS!!! btw, thanks for releasing the source also, it helps with my programing too :-)

     2 August 1998, 19:10 GMT

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