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Mega Man 83-ASM Released
Posted on 2 August 1998, 01:57 GMT

Mega Man, the only BASIC game made for every TI graphing calculator, now has an assembly version.

[Mega Man 83-ASM Screenshot]
Mega Man 83-ASM for AShell83/SOS was released today by Dave Jaklitsch after a beta testing period with 20 beta testers. This is an adventure scrolling game based on the popular Mega Man series by Capcom. Your mission is to stop 'Titanic Iniquity', or 'TI' for short, and his eight robot masters. The gameplay is similar to Penguins but slower and more choppy. Overall, Mega Man 83-ASM looks to be one of the best adventure games for the TI-83.


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Re: Mega Man 83-ASM Released


     13 May 1999, 21:33 GMT

Re: Mega Man 83-ASM Released

Any body know how I would be able to load this game on my TI-83?

     20 September 1998, 21:30 GMT

Re: Mega Man 83-ASM Released

great game... capcom and ti should hire djackal... is there any way to use a Turbo program to speed it up a bit?

     2 August 1998, 02:16 GMT

Re: Mega Man 83-ASM Released
Hadi Seyed-Ali
(Web Page)

It's finally here! I have been with TI calculators since Dave J. had his very own site and their was no ti-files about over a year and a half ago.
This release should give some motivation to other programmers to get off their butts and finish their games. No hard felligns, but it makes a lot of people at school very happy.
By the way, where is Ninja Gaiden, Mr. Renfrow?

     2 August 1998, 04:33 GMT

Re: Re: Mega Man 83-ASM Released
Dave Jaklitsch
(Web Page)

Yeah, it sure did take that guy (me) long enough to finish the damned thing. ;] I might've been able to finish it sooner, but I lost interest too many times, and every time I regained my interest, I had too much to do at college. :P Just be glad that I finally got interested while I was on vacation. ;] Look for possible optimization and definite ports to other calcs in the future.

     2 August 1998, 11:05 GMT

Good work Dave
(Web Page)

Really nice game. Pretty fast, smooth animation, GREAT graphics, all around nice. I can tell everyone likes it (just see the requests below!!) Good job again!! Later!!

     2 August 1998, 23:54 GMT

86 Port
Matt Milam

This game sounds great. does any one know if it will be ported to the 86. I would but I cant figure out how.

     2 August 1998, 20:17 GMT

Re: 86 Port
R DeYoung

Yes, an 86 port would definitely make a lot of people happy. I don't think that any game since sqrxz has gotten me excited about 86 games. This could be a major contender with Mario86. (Trust me...if mario is jumping with nothing but that lousy penguins engine...MegaMan would mop up)

     3 August 1998, 16:31 GMT

Re: Mega Man 83-ASM Released
yuriy yurlov

can any one port it for ti-85, please?

     2 August 1998, 21:24 GMT


Any chance of an 82 port of this bad-boy?

     3 August 1998, 21:42 GMT

Re: Mega Man 83-ASM Released
Dave Jaklitsch
(Web Page)

Wow, I never thought I'd see such a useful feature at ticalc.org, but I love this comment thing. ;] Anyways, for those of you wondering about ports, 82 (CrASH) and 85 (Usgard) ports are already underway, and hopefully I'll find someone to port it to the 86 as well. I'll make the 92 version myself eventually (but don't count on seeing it anytime soon), with an 89 port as well once it is released.

     4 August 1998, 02:50 GMT

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