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ZTetris 0.99 Released
Posted on 2 August 1998, 00:13 GMT

[ZTetris Screenshot]
ZTetris 0.99 for the TI-82 was released today by Sam Heald. This version fixes the pixel line bug on the title screen, but unfortunately adds 99 bytes to the size of the game. This size increase is only temporary until more optimizations are done for version 1.0. Other bugs that were fixed include problems with the gaps on next block display and the huge delay between when a piece is dropped and when the next peice appears.


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Re: ZTetris 0.99 Released

Get v1.0! Its 46 bytes smaller. And since then I have already optimized it by 25 bytes more!

     2 August 1998, 17:50 GMT

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