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Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Posted on 1 August 1998, 05:07 GMT

[Super Mario 86 Screenshot]
Bill Nagel is finishing up work on Super Mario 86. The first version should be ready for release within the next week. Features include powerups, breakable blocks, coins, and over ten different enemies, including Bowser. Plus, Super Mario 86 has an on-calc level editor with compression, using Matthew Shepcar's Bloat for the TI-86. The game is based upon the engine from Penguins, although the two games show little resemblence.


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Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Chad Whitman
(Web Page)

This game is gonna rock! Even though i don't have an 86 it still looks great! I hope it's ported to the 83 and 89 when it comes out!

     1 August 1998, 22:53 GMT

Super mario in gray

wow. so far that looks really great. however, maybe adding grayscaling would be the coup-le-gras. i hope bill consideres this option fora leter version

     2 August 1998, 02:17 GMT

Re: Super mario in gray

I say no to grayscaling, it just causes flickering

     2 August 1998, 19:48 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Stupidly Anonymus
(Web Page)

what are Bill Nagel's & ti-philes homepages?!?

     2 August 1998, 05:04 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Dimagus Demorath

Bill Nagel's homepage is at:
Ti-Files is at:
(Or at least that's what my History says)
Super Mario 86 looks phat, I'm just wondering but is anyone going to make the Legend of Zelda? I would but I don't understand ASM programming at all.

     2 August 1998, 05:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Dave Jaklitsch
(Web Page)

The official TI-Files address is http://ti-files.gsu.edu/
As for The Legend of Zelda, Harper Maddox is working on it and released an early beta for AShell83 (which was converted to CrASH) some time ago. Hopefully he'll finish it sometime before I die. ;] I had hoped Bill, Harper, and I could all release our major games on the same day, but oh well...

     2 August 1998, 11:01 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Dimagus Demorath

No offense or anything, but the TI-83 versions (The Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2) just plain sucked. Link was a little "c" walking around other letters that included "O" "Q" and "@" How good is that? Make a new one for the TI-86 that at least uses graphing and sprites. You could at least make a good game off of the Zelda game on gameboy or the first one on Nintendo.

     2 August 1998, 21:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Duy Nguyen

The version of Zelda 83 mentioned was by Harper Maddox and it is for A-Shell. You're talking about the regular ASM ones. This one is much better. It has good graphics, speed, and everything, but so far only has 1 level.

     2 August 1998, 21:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Dimagus Demorath

Even with Zelda for Ashell83, you could only fit like 12 "blocks" on one screen. This jumbo size of link, walls, treasure boxs, and enemies brought the words "Ultra Slim Fast" to mind. With an 86's larger screen and more memory, smaller sprites (8x8 for example) could be used for everything, thus enabling better game play. And this discussion was originally about a Zelda for an 86, not an 83, which denotes the entire idea of someone creating it. And if I took a poll I'm sure people would love to have smaller sprites instead of giant ones.

     4 August 1998, 03:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
ramza boulve


     18 September 1998, 02:47 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
TI-92 User

Will there eventually be a TI-92 version of this game? It is so hard to find good games for the 92.

     2 August 1998, 20:27 GMT




     2 August 1998, 21:39 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Mike Mansell
(Web Page)

What about the raccoon tail, that was a really cool feature in SMW 3 for NES, will that be included??

     3 August 1998, 07:14 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Matt Glass
(Web Page)

From the looks of it, this game is going to be great. Now, when I go back to school I can play Super Mario 86 all day and not do any of my work. Then I will be forced to drop out of school
and become one of those guys who shines
peoples shoes for a penny a shoe.

It will be great?

     3 August 1998, 22:06 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Jeremy Birdwell

After seeing alot of the other nintendo games made
for TI-8x, it's nice to see one of the games I remembering playing!! I just can't wait!!!!!

     4 August 1998, 09:46 GMT

Re: Super Mario 86 Approaches Release
Vincent Eisen

It would be great if mario will release on the TI-83.
I like games like penguin very much, so try to make super mario playeble on the TI-83.

Sorry for the bad grammer, and some words are written false, but I am from Holland.

     12 March 1999, 15:25 GMT
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