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Other Sites Section Remodeled
Posted on 28 July 1998, 23:02 GMT

The Other Sites section, which houses a comprehensive database of links to other TI sites, has been remodeled. New features include the ability to update your listing, a more graphical listing of sites, and statistics. TI-73, TI-89, TI-92 Plus, Science, and Hardware categories have also been added.


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Re: Other Sites Section Remodeled
John Easrtion
(Web Page)

Why do you guys put the links in aphanumerical order anyways? It makes it hard to find sites for the calcs. I like the Ti-Files way of putting it by calcs. Thats IMHO.

     29 July 1998, 01:16 GMT

Re: Re: Other Sites Section Remodeled
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

If you want to find sites based on the calculators, use the Search feature. Just check which calculators you want and go.

     29 July 1998, 01:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Other Sites Section Remodeled

There used to be a list you could view that had all the sites, right? what if there is a way to see a non-graphical list of just the web page titles?

     29 July 1998, 05:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Other Sites Section Remodeled
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Yes, there used to be a page that had listed all the links. That page was removed because it was over 500K and no one realistically has the time or resources to deal with that size of a page. As for a non-graphical page with only the web page titles - what would be the purpose of that? IMHO, generally the title of a web page doesn't give you a whole lot of infomation about the page.

     29 July 1998, 06:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Other Sites Section Remodeled
Thomas Hruska

Ummmm....why are we turning the comments section into a mailing list? We are soon going to be telling each other to get back on topic of the comments mailing list. This is really rediculous guys. BTW, I think that if enough people reply to this thread we can mess up the web server (notice the narrowing column) at least the web page anyway.

     29 July 1998, 10:28 GMT

Re: Turning into a mailing list?

I'm not sure the analogy is totally appropriate, but it's very similar. I would compare the comments section to a miniature discussion group, with many advantages over a mailing list. Since each article has its own comments, they remain very focused and relevant. It's also an organized way for people to browse through what others have posted on one topic and for us to get feedback without having to comb through a mailbox.

At the same time, Thomas, you're right: one thing can lead to another, and the comments begin to move to other topics. But that's ok, as long as the topic can be traced back up to the original posting.

You're also right about running out of screen space. However, that won't happen except in the heaviest of discussions.

     29 July 1998, 16:55 GMT

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