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Posted on 25 June 1997, 02:00 GMT

With the recent release of two different shells for using the TI-82 in assembler, the need has appeared for a mailing list to discuss it on. Therefore, the list Assembly-82 has been created. On this list, any aspects of programming the TI-82 in assembler can be discussed. Digest version is also available. For more information, check the newsgroups and mailing lists section.

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2 years later...

I guess some news posts take a couple years for people to respond to!

That's normal... :P

     28 April 1999, 16:16 GMT

Re: 2 years later...
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

Actually, there was no comment system 3 years ago.

     26 November 1999, 05:01 GMT

3 years later...
calcfreak901  Account Info
(Web Page)

now there was (if that makes sense)

     11 June 2000, 11:17 GMT

Re: Assembly-82
j. lewis

i like ti 82's, they are cool

     17 March 1999, 23:16 GMT

Re: Assembly-82
Samuel Hurd

Ti-82s R pretty cool but I think everybody should have at least a Ti-83!

     2 April 1999, 03:48 GMT

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