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Filenews Binaries
Posted on 15 June 1997, 02:00 GMT

Yet another mailinglist for your convenience has appeared! It's the filenews-binaries list. On this list, all the files that are announced on the filenews list will be sent UUencoded. So if you are subscribed to filenews and just go download everything there is, subscribe to this list instead.
Note 1: Do not subscribe to this list if you have mailbox quotas on your system!
Note 2: This list is not to be used as means for mirroring our site. Any and all mirroring of this site requires permission from the ticalc.org staff!

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Re: Filenews Binaries
xX_ZoMBiE_Xx  Account Info
(Web Page)

1st comment ! only comment!

     24 December 1999, 22:48 GMT

Re: Re: Filenews Binaries
nike  Account Info

second comment, sorry your not the only comment anymore. :)

     28 December 1999, 01:22 GMT

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