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Review by  ryan mcverry
Reviewed on 2005-08-14
Out of any game you could get for your calculator, this is definitely the one non-puzzle game you should get. Great graphics, great courses: Imagine hills, tunnels, and smooth turns. I did not believe it when my friend showed the game to me. Great for when you get bored in math class!

Review by  Kirk Meyer
Reviewed on 2004-11-02
Attention span: 8/10 Great, until you beat all 6 tracks.
Controls: 9/10 Holding down 2nd gets a bit tiring.
Implementation: 10/10 I haven't found any bugs.
Overall: 9/10 This is an awesome game!

To begin, Lotus Turbo Challenge is one of the best racing programs I have ever seen for a calculator. The game comes with six different courses. At first, the first course looks somewhat like your standard racing game. After a bit, however, there are tunnels and hills, features usually not present in competitor's games. The controls are a simple left, right, and accelerate, perfectly calibrated.

The game is certainly head-and-shoulders above all of the 2D tunnel games, but it is also better than the best of the racers for the other calculators. This is mainly because not only does it have 3D effects, but also the tracks have a vertical dimension, making you feel like you are on a hill. In addition, there are different climates, such as rain. Finally, you don't always see the same scene: sometimes you go through tunnels.

Review by  Lyndon Zhang
Reviewed on 2004-10-10
“Lotus Turbo Challenge” is definitely the best racing game ever! Great graphics (they are 3D), great speed (racing games better be fast), great challenge (hence the name), and a great small size! Because of the relatively low resolution of the TI-83+ (SE) and the TI-84+ (SE), most of the games are rather nonsensical, but this one used the pixels to the max! I don't really know why the author chose to separate the games into “Lotus” and “LotusDat,” which is the main disadvantage, as I usually don't like handling more than one file per program. But anyways, go download this must-download game now!

Rating: 10.5/10

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-01-25
This game is truly a treat. The intense gameplay keep the player gripped to his/her calc. The graphics are breathtaking as lightning cracks in the distance, rain falls down, streetlights and trees blaze by, you go up and down hills and through tunnels, and of course try to get the upper hand on your opponents.

However, there are a few problems. The graphics are stunning, but you pay a heavy price for them in archive space. Also, this game is very hard, and, while you can move one pixel at a time, this is one of those games where you must hit every key correctly. In some of the earlier levels, you might be able to collide with one or two things and still win, but in the later ones, everything is perfect. Another disadvantage you have is that all the other racers start out at top speed, slamming you from behind when you are trying to accelerate.

The idea of the game is to get through checkpoints and complete the level, not necessarily to win. In some of the later levels, Badja seems to have employed optical illusions such as tunnels to force the player to collide with other cars, which is incredibly annoying. The steering is reasonably tight, however, so if you know what to expect, you can usually pass through unscathed. The last three levels are excessively long and repetitive and often the player runs out of time in sight of the finish line, forcing him to retry the entire level.

Nonetheless, I recommend this game, for its initial fun and good graphics if not its replay value.

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