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[10 levels] Allstars


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Filename allstars.zip (Download)
Title [10 levels] Allstars
Description This is a set of 10 different worlds. Each world has 6 levels except for Water World and Warships.
Authors Andrew Kim (Ndroo15983@aol.com)
Trent Wang (TrentWang@hotmail.com)
Category TI-86 Assembly Game Levels (Super Mario)
File Size 12,102 bytes
File Date and Time Fri Sep 24 02:35:39 1999
Documentation Included? No
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Scott Potter
Reviewed on 2004-10-23
“Allstars” consists of eleven different worlds. I have attempted to give an overall review and then break down each level.

Difficulty: 2/10 – 7/10
How long it took me to beat: 3 – 10 minutes a piece (except for Hardest Levels)
Overall Score: C

If all of the “Allstars” levels share one common theme, it is that there are large numbers of enemies. In fact, there are so many enemies that the game sometimes slows down. The first few levels are designed more for beginners and the rest are designed for beginner to moderate players. Of course, the “hardest levels” are aimed towards more advanced players.

The first few levels were quite well done and by themselves, I would have given them a high score. However, the later levels felt repetitive, as if the author had run out of ideas. Also, as the levels became more difficult, they became less original and generally less fun. I would recommend this set to beginning players only and suggest that more advanced players look elsewhere for advanced levels.

Worlds 1-3
Difficulty: 2/10
These are definitely a set of levels for beginners; huge numbers of mushrooms and enemies placed in easy to avoid locations. That is not to say it wasn’t well put together, so if you are new, check this one out. I will say that these levels don’t feel too similar so, despite their shared difficulty, they all remain interesting.

Worlds 4-5
Difficulty: 3/10
These worlds start to feel a little repetitive as they appear very similar to Worlds 1-3. They are a little bit harder as there are more enemies and harder jumps, but the over abundance of mushrooms keeps you in good shape. The author apparently had a strange urge to swear in World 4, so if you care about such things, I would skip that one.

World 6
Difficulty: 3/10
This level defiantly had the feel of, how many enemies can you pack into one level. It didn’t feel particularly well made but rather thrown together. It lacks the background and attention to detail that made the first few levels so enjoyable.

Difficulty: 1/10
This level is full of bullet and cannonballs and may seem extremely difficult at first, until you realize that you can simply jump over nine-tenths of the level and avoid everything. Still, it is a good level for beginners.

Water World
Difficulty: 3/10
For beginners, this might be a chance to try out your swimming skills. For anyone else, however, you will spend too much time tapping buttons for it to be much fun.

Difficulty: 5/10
This is far more difficult than any of the previous levels this is certainly a level for moderately good players. The world is swamped with enemies whose numbers often simply overwhelm you. Overall an interesting level and a fun challenge for decently good players.

The New World
Difficulty: 4/10
If there is one thing that annoys me in “Mario,” it is dark worlds: levels where you can’t see the enemies, the pits or the blocks. I cannot help but feeling that beating these levels is a matter of luck, not skill. If this sort of things doesn’t bother you, this is a fine and difficult level. If you are like me however, you will want to avoid this one.

Hardest Levels
Difficulty: 7/10
I did like the second level of this world. It required some trick timing and a little bit of work figuring out how to beat it. After that, however, the levels were hard not due to elegant placements of blocks and enemies but rather huge numbers of enemies. Additionally, the author requires you to spend a lot of your time inching along. You have to inch up so you are one pixel away from a spike and then swim straight up, then move till you are one pixel away from the next spike and swim straight down and repeat. As a result, the level moves extremely slowly and becomes boring and frustrating rather quickly. Only you expert players with lots of patience will enjoy this level.


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