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Review by  Robert Mohr
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 10/10 Very addictive.
Controls: 8/10 The [+] and [-] were hard to find.
Implementation: 9/10 Very well done, but not perfect.
Overall: 9/10 A very good and challenging game.

Freecell v1.0 for the TI-86 is almost a virtual clone of the computer game. This is the first version, and the author did a very good job. In the readme, it says "I just whipped this game up in the past few days." That talk does not make friends with BASIC programmers who are struggling to learn ASM (namely yours truly). If you don't know, freecell is a game similar to solitaire. The object is to move all the cards to the "home row," which the same as in solitaire.

This version of Freecell is very well done. Grayscale is included, the game lets you know when you have one move left, and, as far as I can tell, has all the features of the computer game (or as well as a TI program can do that). I only noticed one bug: a card may show up more than twice in the same game. I've only seen this happen about once in fifteen games I've played. It's an annoying bug, but it doesn't actually affect how you play.

The only things i don't like about this game are that it doesn't have a teacher key and you can't save a game. A save game feature would be nice, since I rarely have the time to play a full game, and teacher keys are always a plus on calculators, since most of us play calculator games in school.

Overall, this game was well done. The interface is tricky if you've never played Freecell before, like me did at first, but if you have played Freecell, you'll get it. Except for a few small bugs, this game is perfect. It's not a game that would be deleted from your calculator for a long time.

Review by  Iosif Stalin
Reviewed on 2004-03-21
This game is an exact copy of the original Windows freecell. The controls are surprisingly easy to use and the interface is very well thought out. The card stacks can be expanded using +/- keys to allow you to see the underlying cards, and unlike the computer version it even keeps track of your games and statistics. This is definitely the best card (maybe even puzzle) game on any calculator.

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