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Review by  Acshi Haggenmiller
Reviewed on 2009-06-22
A must have classical game for all calculator owners. Though I suppose the most extreme Tetris players may find it slightly lacking, it is still a "full" tetris game as far as I can see, and behaves predictably and is easy to get familiar with.

Multi-player can be very fun, but its working is sporadic and unpredictable and tends to cause some glitches in the game itself, though I have never seen those glitches extend beyond the game. I would love to see multi-player fixed.

Overall, the game is perfect for the calculator gamer that needs to pass some time, and is, in my opinion, one of the most vital programs to have.

Review by  Jacob Egwunye
Reviewed on 2004-02-19
I think the game is too basic and thus I would not recommend this game to hardcore graphic calculator game players. However, the game can be quite addictive if you don't have better graphic calculator games (such as 'Dying Eyes') and the multi player function of the game makes up for the games graphics.

I rate this game 5/10 and only recommend it for people who don't have enough skill to find better games or those that are too stingy to download 10KB games onto their calculator

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