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Review by  Erich Oelschlegel
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 9/10 Controls get awkward, losing fun.
Controls: 8/10 Difficult to get moving.
Implementation: 10/10 This game looks great!
Overall: 9/10 Always a pleaser.

Super Mario Quest was the best new game for the TI-89 back in January, when it made its debut, still in the beta stages. It had almost the exact graphical equivalent of the original NES game (except in grayscale). It had little support for things like flowers, pipes, coins, and fireballs. Now, it has all of those things. There are several premade worlds to complete, with a boss at the end of the game. The graphics fill up the screen, so when Mario jumps, the screen scrolls with him, and smoothly at that. The controls are normal (for a calculator), where 2nd jumps, diamond throws fireballs, and the cursor pads navigate. A status line is at the top of the screen, showing point total, coins and lives. In the options menu at the beginning of the game, there is a speed selector, and an option to turn grayscale off, which makes the game run smoother. There is also a threshold selector in the menu, as well as an option to turn exploding bricks on or off. Version 1.03 also includes a level editor, as well as the game's own library, which you must keep in the main folder. The premade levels are also included in a separate file from the main program, and you will be required to find the level at the start of the game if you move it to another folder. I believe this library includes a savegame feature, so as to not waste space by keeping the monolithic size of the game (46k) in the archive memory.

I have only a few comments on the game itself. The original version was much easier to control. In v1.03, Mario takes a while to "get going" and it is difficult (if not impossible) to jump vertically around blocks. Also, in order to fall between two blocks, Mario must be exactly positioned between their edges, or else he will not fall.

Nonetheless, SMQ is a great game, and is a real pleaser everytime you play it.

Review by  Tom Mount
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 9/10 Good attention span.
Controls: 9/10 Bi-level a little weird.
Implementation: 9/10 Some weird things, but still good.
Overall: 9/10 Great game.

Once again, the development team for SMQ has stunned me. Finally, a stable game that I can play all the time and quickly exit out of (teachers, etc...)

The game play is very similar to the original Nintendo version. You're a little guy that has to run around collecting coins (or fruit, in this version), killing bad guys by stomping them or shooting fireballs at them, and rescuing the princess. Along the way, there are obstacles you must face, just like the original game. Of course, the programmers put in a little creative license. To make it fit on the screen, they had to create essentially two levels. Pressing the [UP] key will show you anything above your head. Also, some of the involved physics still isn't quite right. Specifically, the jumping code is a little short of correct. That is an "unimprovement" from the older version. Now, to jump across bridges and such, you have to be running, not walking. In the old version, it was easier to jump over ravines and such, without having to get a running start. Of course, the game isn't supposed to be easy, but this makes it downright hard. Also (and maybe this is just my calculator), ! every now and then, when you exit the game by pressing [ESC] you get an error message. This only happens when you're about to die and you exit. Maybe they put that in there to make sure no one did that?

Review by  Adam Palmer
Reviewed on 2004-10-17
Attention span: 9/10 It's hard to grab it permanently.
Controls: 10/10 Great!!!
Implementation 9/10: Good implementation.
Overall: 10/10 Good game!!! Bad title screen.

It's "SPACE MONKEY QUEST"?!??!? I almost flipped when I saw this. It seems like somebody's gotten either lazy or someone didn't want to use the original levels. I'd originally heard about this Mario flop from the TI-FR website. It came out a couple months after SMQ v1.0.3 and featured a monkey instead of mario and bananas instead of coins. Well, this "new" version (if that's what you want to call it) is the same thing except the monkey has been replaced by Mario again. Oh well.

Aside from this disturbing conjuncture, the game was surprisingly hard to beat (graphically and the game itself). It's still got some of the best graphics you're likely to see on a TI calculator and it's as smooth as ever. I couldn't really find any technical bugs other than the fact that the game seems to have trouble locating the world.str files in separate folders.

It's still a great game, and I be lying if I said otherwise. I just hope they fix the title screen and release the original levels soon.

Review by  T J
Reviewed on 2004-09-10
I downloaded the file expecting to get the “Mario” game that is shown in the screenshot. When I started the game, I was surprised to see that the title screen said "Space Monkey Quest.” The game is mostly the same as “Mario,” except, that you get fruit instead of coins. The levels are also different. Another problem is that sometimes when you win the first "world" is says "World 2," but it makes you play the first world again. When this happens, you just have to restart because you would have to keep playing the first level. I tried going to the website to see if there is a reason for all of this, yet there website doesn't even work.
Score: 4/10 (Only because of the great Mario gameplay).

Review by  Christopher Cox
Reviewed on 2004-05-18
All the points of “Super Mario Quest” are great. You can transport down pipes, make your own levels, and use all the features of any standard “Mario” game. This game contains great graphics (thought big Mario is kind of...big); “Super Mario Quest” definitely deserved the “POTM” award that it got. My only real problem is that it requires a shell. Almost none of the shells actually work on an OS version of 2.09, so it is really an inconvenience of “SMQ” to require a shell.

So overall, “Super Mario Quest” gets a 9/10.

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-02-11
Overall Rating-10/10 Outstanding
Gameplay-10/10 Outstanding
Graphics-10/10 Outstanding
Speed-10/10 Outstanding
This is a great clone of the origonal mario. The grayscale graphics make it look exactly like the origonal mario for Nintendo. It has most all of the enemies and scenery from the origonal. Also there is a level editor so that you can make your own levels! Have fun :)

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