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Review by  Pierre Lebeaupin
Reviewed on 2015-05-06
Sokoban, if you don't know it already, is a game where you push crates to a goal, with the limitation that you cannot pull them, and if you have two crates in a row it is not possible to push them both at the same time, so you can easily end up being stuck if you are not careful. You have certainly played a game with a Sokoban puzzle at some point (Zelda games, in particular, are fond of them). Here this game is entirely made of Sokoban puzzles for you to play.

The graphics are simplistic to say the least (as you can see in the screenshot), though admittedly there is no need for the graphics to be any better. But they could be better. The puzzles themselves quickly grow in complexity, and are more complex than the simple Sokoban puzzles you may have played as part of other games: here the puzzles really are the focus and you must be ready to think many steps ahead. In fact, typically you have to have already played the whole sequence in your head before you push the first crate, as otherwise you quickly end up being stuck. So it's really for puzzle lovers; I ended up growing bored of it.

The game is kind enough to save your progress between sessions: you start back from the start of the first puzzle you have not completed yet, so you can stop and resume easily.

★★★☆☆ (3/5)

(reviewed on a TI-89 HW1 AMS 1.00 with DoorsOS 0.98)

Review by  Jonah Cohen
Reviewed on 2004-11-21
Attention span: 6/10 Get's boring quickly.
Controls: 10/10 Arrow keys. Backspace takes back last move (a good feature).
Implementation: 8/10 Good for Sokoban, I guess.
Overall: 7/10 You'll get bored and delete it.

Sokoban v1.2 by Alban Gervaise a.k.a. Endive is a puzzle game where the objective is to push boxes into a specific area on the screen. You can't pull boxes, however, and it often takes a lot of thinking before figuring out how to get a specific box to another part of the screen. The game comes with fifty levels, as well as a windows level editor.

This is probably not as good as some other puzzle games, but it's fairly fun. The interest in this game declines sharply after a short period. For some puzzle fans, however, it might be just what they need.

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