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Review by  Pierre Lebeaupin
Reviewed on 2015-05-06
This Mario clone is very basic. In fact, it does not feel like a Mario game at all: the jump, in particular, is not handled at all as in any Mario game (e.g. you can just keep the jump button pressed and advance to be sure to jump at the edge if you are travelling a one-mario-height corridor), and neither the levels nor the enemies (which all just get flattened, no turtle shells for instance) feel like any known Mario game. Graphically, I can understanding not using grayscales since it makes the background less of a blur when it scrolls, however this games seems to be taking cues from just about any Mario game (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), Super Mario Land, etc.) without rhyme nor reason.

If we take it simply on its own merits as a platform game, it is a very basic and not very interesting one.

This game also requires its own util library and does not run with the one provided in DoorsOS, so it is not easy to have it installed with other kernel games.

★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

(reviewed on a TI-89 HW1 AMS 1.00 with DoorsOS 0.98)

Review by  Mike Smeen
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 10/10 It's Mario, always a crowd pleaser
Controls: 9/10 Fairly simple, but I don't like F1 as jump
Implementation: 9/10 Good job, although I'd like to see more powerups!
Overall: 9/10 Superior game, a must see!

When I first started playing this game, I just knew what I was in for. Without going to a boring title screen, it went straight to the action, something I always like to see in a game. The game itself is your basic mario-type clone, which allows you to go through side-scrolling levels and jump on enemies, all while avoiding getting hit and falling into pits.

The positive parts of the game included amazing adjustable speed, superior graphics, and a excellent scrolling engine. It also includes a save/load game feature, something rarely found in this type of game. User maps can be created and then played, something everyone always likes to see in any type of game, because it keeps the game interesting.

There were few problems with the game. One that I found was that those oh-so-cool user maps don't work correctly (and are actually disabled) on the ti-89. The game also becomes hard to follow after a certain amount of time because the fast scrolling is kind of hard to see.

Review by  Joe Chiarella
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 5/10 Offers many levels, but is boring overall
Controls: 10/10 Very simple to use and VERY responsive
Implementation: 10/10 An amazing piece of work
Overall: 6/10 Too boring to keep me entertained

This game was a valiant and successful attempt to make a mario game on the 89, but it fell short of being a lot of fun. This game has almost everything: graphics just like old mario, multiple enemies, smooth scrolling, multiple levels. The menus have a lot of options and the game looks professionally done. The speed can be controlled so that it is just how you like it. It is missing powerups, going into pipes, and overall fun.

While this game is chock full of options and excellent graphics, the content is less than that of Mario for the NES. I have more fun telling people that I have Mario on my calculator than actually playing the game. People do enjoy seeing Mario more than playing it.

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