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Review by  JV
Reviewed on 2004-11-20
Attention span: 8/10 Very fun/frustrating.
Controls: 8/10 Same as all Mario levels.
Implementation: 9/10 Good level design.
Overall: 8/10 A good level.

A monkey's adventure in mario land is a 3 level set that is very fun. You may be thinking "it's only 3 levels, how fun can it be if its so short?". I will put your fears away by mentioning that this level set is on of those sets that will have you pulling your hair out and cursing constantly at its evil design. This level set is so wickedly designed that you will think it is impossible to complete. But rest assured, that even though this level set is fun and frustrating, it is designed so that it is completely possible to finish the set. There is no level that cannot be completed, and even though it may seem like it is designed so that there is no way to finish a level, there is a way. I will just give you a run down on the number of obstacles that will make some players throw their calc against the wall in frustration due to their difficulty. On the first level there are 3 or 4 major obstacles, but once the player has tried at each one about 15 times they will be a piece of cake. Although the second level seems shorter, there are roughly 3 major obstacles that one should be able to get through somewhat quickly. On the last level there are about 3 challenges that one will easily get through, and then the player will encounter Bowser. Although the last two levels seem to go by faster after you beat the level set the first time, the first level of the set is surely the most difficult and more fun than the rest of the levels.

In short, A Monkey's Adventure in Mario Land is a very fun level set that will frustrate some if not most people. Although its length is rather short, players will find themselves playing the levels over and over due to its slight difficulty. The replay value of this game does sharply decline after playing it a few times, but no level set that I know of has a high replay value that last a lot.

Review by  Scott Potter
Reviewed on 2004-11-04
Difficulty: 3/10
How long it took me to beat: 5 minutes
Overall Score: A-
“A Monkey's Adventure in Mario Land” is the perfect level for brand new players. Sure, it doesn’t have a pretty background or anything all that elegant, but the levels are the perfect length and difficulty to challenge beginning players without frustrating them too much. If you have played enough that you know the controls and the enemies well, I would highly recommend this level.

Review by  Clair Hargis
Reviewed on 2004-05-15
Difficulty: Don’t hurt me! 2/4
Times I died: 3
Levels: 3
Fun: 6/10
Rating: 6/10

I felt this world to be rather short and pretty barren. There weren't a whole lot of enemies, and not much detail went into the landscape. Bowser at the end was rather simple and not much of a challenge. There was one part on this world that almost tricked me. At the beginning of the second level, make sure you use the turtle provided to get on that ledge above you. Overall, it provided little challenge and not much gameplay.

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