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Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-12-24
This is the first “breakout” game for TI-83+ that has an on-calc editor. So you can beat this game, and make more levels over and over again. The fun never stops. So this program with the separate download of the on-calc editor is the best breakout game ever.

Controls-9/10 Ok
Memory-10/10 Good
Usage-15/10 Wow! amazing
Overall-12/10 Really nice

Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 6/10 Gets old fairly quickly.
Controls: 6/10 Ball is unpredictable, fast motion makes objects difficult to see.
Implementation: 7/10 Fairly well-done, but not incredibly innovative.
Overall: 6/10 Not much new for an Arkanoid clone.

The idea of a ball bouncing around on the screen, kept from flying into whatever dangers lurk in the oblivion beyond the screen buffer only by a player-controlled paddle, is probably one of the oldest in gaming. Pong, widely acknowledged as the first video game, used this basic setup, placing a computer or player-controlled paddle at each end of the screen allowing friends, rivals, and enemies to duke it out on the screen instead of in the back alley. A later game called Breakout replaced the second paddle with a pattern of "bricks" which vanished upon being hit by the ball. It was further updated by Arkanoid, which included multiple types of blocks as well as a number of power-ups. Probably hundreds of Arkanoid clones have sprung up since then, some pretty worthless, some absolutely incredible. (The best one I've ever seen was one called Traz for the Commodore 64, which, like so many great games, seems to have never been ported to any other platform.. hint, hint, programmers...)

Orzunoid is basically just another Arkanoid clone. It includes a number of levels filled with bricks just waiting to be broken, although this game has only three kinds of bricks (one that takes one hit, one that takes two hits, and one that can't be broken). The standard Arkanoid power-ups are present here, providing the standard Arkanoid gameplay.

Unfortunately, this game has several problems. Both the ball and the powerups move fast enough to be difficult to see. The ball also changes its speed as it changes direction (probably due to different calculation time of angles or something), making its motion rather unpredictable. (You can view this as either a flaw or an added challenge; it's your choice.)

This really isn't one of the best Arkanoid clones out there. It's worth a play or two, but I personally got bored with it fairly quickly.

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