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Sqrxz 83 v1.0 and Level Editor


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Filename sqrxz83.zip (Download)
Title Sqrxz 83 v1.0 and Level Editor
Author Florent Dhordain (flo.dh@usa.net)
Category TI-83 Assembly Games (AShell83)
File Size 89,463 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Jul 2 19:44:13 1998
Documentation Included? No
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 8/10 Challenging game, multiple levels and editor available
Controls: 7/10 Take some time to get used to, but efficient.
Implementation: 9/10 Near-perfect port.
Overall: 9/10 Sqrxz is good. Sqrxz is your friend. Play Sqrxz for hours. You are getting sleepy. When you hear the word 'Sqrxz,' you wil...

Another port of the game made famous on numerous other calculators, Sqrxz83 preserves almost perfectly the gameplay of the original Sqrxz. It's a platform game, in which you control a funny-looking bug named Sqrxz (pronounced "Skeerz") who for some reason is trying to get through numerous levels that look like graveyards to reach the exit door.

The graphics, although obviously blocky 83 graphics, are well done enough that they don't hinder the gameplay. Since all the objects are black, Sqrxz sometimes disappears into a background object, but this doesn't happen often enough to cause any major problems.

Although it may at first glance look easy compared to Penguins because you can kill the monsters, don't be fooled. This isn't a game for the modern DOOM-playing blast-everything-in-sight gamer. Sometimes you'll have to keep a monster alive for a while until it gets into position to give you the extra boost you need to reach a high platform. And, of course, some monsters just can't be killed.

Sqrxz's jump doesn't quite seem to follow the laws of physics, and the screen scrolls at different rates depending on how far you move, meaning that gameplay may take a while to get used to. Once you get used to it, though, you shouldn't have any problems with controls.

Several levelpacks as well as a level editor give the game quite a bit of replay value. Unfortunately, the level editor isn't quite the most user-friendly program on the planet quite yet. Fortunately, the readme promises improvements somewhere in the future.

Overall, a great port of a cool game.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
SQRXZGFX.H   27174
Sqrxz.z80   86716
ASCR83.H   8021
sqtitle.huf   782
SQRXZ.TXT   14296
SQRXZWD2.83P   1717
SQRXZ.83P   7099
sle/SLE.BAT   257
sle/SqrxzPac.com   691
sle/SQLE.EXE   19408
sle/SQSPR.BIN   64778
sle/HUFFMAN.EXE   15808
sle/SLESPLIT.EXE   7456
SQRXZWD1.83P   1840
SQRXZWD3.83P   1694

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