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Review by  CommandCreep / RH
Reviewed on 2022-11-15
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I've tried it out, and honestly I can say that it works well. It handles Super Mario Land, Pokemon Blue/Red, Kirby, and most other games very well.

The only thing I would like to point out is that if you use the ChromeOS version of TI Connect CE, it will corrupt the data from time to time. Maybe it has something to do with the version number (I'm actually 2 versions behind recommended) but I can't tell for sure.

I highly suggest this emulator, but I feel that the ChromeOS glitch needs to be told, just in case.

Review by  Michael F
Reviewed on 2020-06-17
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

The emulator is labeled as an alpha release, but it is stable. It worked flawlessly with everything I threw at it. I tried Pokemon Red, Kirby's dreamland, and Megaman V. Works well with Cesium and other shells. The one downside is the splitting of the ROMS. This is a program, so its limited to one sector.

Overall very good. (I would even go so far as to say "Its better than the real gameboy because who needs sound?")

Review by  Roger Wilco
Reviewed on 2019-03-18
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I only put this program on my calculator today, but in the hour or so that I've spent experimenting with it I can say that it is a very capable emulator. There is very little latency in the controls and it has run everything I've thrown at it flawlessly (I've tried Tetris, Nemesis, Kirby's Dream Land, Pokemon Red Version, Kirby's Star Stacker, and Pocket Bomberman). It supports the Super GameBoy pallets for games that support those and it has an intuitive menu system and an intuitive default control layout. The description says that given the program is in alpha, it should be stable but there is still a chance for crashes. I can report that in my short time of using this that I have encountered no crashes either. I would follow the README's advice of backing up important data before you run the emulator just to be on the safe side.

The README file is incredibly helpful for this program because it will tell you how to convert GameBoy games to TI-83+/84+ files. It provides usage instructions for the built-in command-line utility as well as providing a website you can go to in order to convert your ROMs.

I'd say that this is an all-around solid piece of software and that I'm very impressed with what people are able to do with these calculators in order to extend their capabilities. I can't wait to see future development on this program and I thank the wonderful developers who made this emulator a reality.

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