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Filename derivata1.zip (Download)
Title Derivatives
Description ADERIV:This program gives you most sorts of derivatives, when you input their primitive functions. Use A for constant, and F(X) and G(X) for functions other than, sin, cos, tan, ln, log, e^x, 10^(x), etc. If you input F(X)/G(X), the program will give: (F'(X)G(X)-F(X)G'(X))/G(X)^2. If you input: A^X, the program gives, ln(A)*A^X. If you input: sin(X) ( Don't forget the right hand bracket! ), the program will give, cos(X). The program also has L' Hopital's rule: Input F(A)=G(A)=0, you'll see. ADERIV1: This program is a bit more advanced than ADERIV. It has a subroutine, ADERSUB that you also need to install. It is an attempt to give you support by chopping up your expression bit by bit, giving you the formulas involved. It is also more forgiving than ADERIV. Just remember not to use implicit multiplication where you want the program to give you a formula: if you type sin(x)cos(x) the program will just give you, sin(x)'=cos(x) and cos(x)'=-sin(x), but not the multiplication formula, (F(X)*G(X))'= F'(X)*G(X)+F(X)G'(X). You have to type, sin(x)*cos(x).
Author Anders Tiberg (anders.tiberg@telia.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Calculus)
File Size 7,468 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Jul 24 16:53:50 2019
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
ADERIV.8xp   747
__MACOSX/._ADERIV.8xp   229
ADERSUB.8xp   842
ADERIV1.rtf   1166
__MACOSX/._ADERIV1.rtf   266
ADERIV.rtf   1035
ADERIV1-1.png   642
__MACOSX/._ADERIV1-1.png   210
ADERIV1-3.png   1033
__MACOSX/._ADERIV1-3.png   210
ADERIV1.8xp   501
ADERIV1-2.png   1048
__MACOSX/._ADERIV1-2.png   210

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