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Review by  Cole Harmsen
Reviewed on 2018-03-16
Cool program, but I can't get 2nd or del to work so i cant't say its the best but it is pretty cool.


I'm using a TI-84 plus silver edition.

Thanks, Cole

Plus i'm 9 years old so i can't figure this stuff out on my own.

Review by  Someone Unknown
Reviewed on 2014-11-22
This is a great game, but there's no real point in the end. There's no weapons, mobs, health, or hunger. Just building and 'crafting'. You can make doors, planks, and ladders. I deleted this game about a week ago, after ODing on making house after house after house.

This is a great game for the building game lover, but it's not for me.

Graphics: 9/10 - Amazing, grey-scale, a bit choppy.

Gameplay: 4/10 - Nothing to do but build structures.

User-friendly: 10/10 - Easy to use, and great at what it does.


This game is great and might be a keeper for some people, but until mobs are made, it's not that fun.

Review by  Max R
Reviewed on 2013-04-18
This Program is AMAZING! I am on a TI-84 Plus

Movement: 5/5

Speed: 5/5

GUI: 5/5

Graphics: 4/5 (Wish it could be closer to Minecraft Graphics)

*Bonus!* Savable game! +1

*Bugs...* See note. -1

Total: 19/20

Note: When I saved my game and re-entered, I couldn't craft! I had to delete my world :( and reload game to fix crafting. Please fix!

Thank you for this lovely game,


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