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Snakecaster: A 3D Nibbles Game (2012)


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Filename 3dsnake.zip (Download)
Title Snakecaster: A 3D Nibbles Game (2012)
Description You've played Snake. Or Nibbles. Whatever you call it, you probably haven't played it like this. Snakecaster is a raycasted snake game—you can still play the game the usual way, but as you play, a large panel will show you a raycasted 3D scene. Basically, you see the game as the snake sees it (if the snake sees the world in blocks of black and white). It's 3D. In a Nibbles game. It's completely overkill, but hey, why not? Winner of TI-Concours 2012 Axe division. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
Author Deep Toaster (deeptoaster@gmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games
File Size 4,469 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Jul 31 19:14:30 2012
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Dawson Piercey
Reviewed on 2022-10-04
Graphics - 3/5

This may seem a bit low, but I can explain. When I'm looking for a graphics score, I have 3 things on my mind: Effort, Looks, and Milk. The effort for this one is pretty high, considering it's a raycaster and all, but the looks are lacking on this one. It has one of the ugliest raycasters I've seen on this calculator; most of the time, I can hardly tell it's a raycaster. Thank god the milk wasn't sour, then you would've gotten a 2.

Gameplay - 5/10

It's just a snake game with some obstacles. I can get down for some snake with obstacles, but if that's the entire package, you'll get no higher than a 5. Plain and simple.

Miscellaneous - 2/5

As I said in the gameplay section. This game is just Snake with obstacles. The only other feature outside of the game itself is the leaderboard, which is incredibly standard and common.

Conclusion - 10/20 (5/10)

Snakecaster is middling in every aspect, which is quite shocking, considering that semi-3D games tend to be either TI greats or scapegoats for online conversation. A good few people enjoy this one, and I can see why. It clearly had a lot of love put into it, and I can see that. However, effort will only get you so far.

All in all, this game is perfectly average, meaning it gets a 5/10.


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