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MINOTAUR: v2.7 with Level Editor + Generator


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Filename minotaur.zip (Download)
Title MINOTAUR: v2.7 with Level Editor + Generator
Description MINOTAUR is a maze game based on the puzzle, "Theseus and the Minotaur". But in this version you are(Perseus) are stuck in a labyrinth, with a Minotaur blocking the way. The only way to get out is through the exit. The problem is, the Minotaur moves twice as fast as you. But luckily for you, it has a very simple brain that sometimes makes bad decisions. Using tricks and traps, you can guide Perseus to the exit. The editor is a very useful tool for making and editing levels. With 8 different types of blocks, there are more than a googol maze setups. The generator creates random levels to help create ideas for your level. Also included are 5 sample levels. Fixed a lot bugs.
Author Nickisai Lang (nickisai.lang@gmail.com)
Category TI-83 BASIC Games (Puzzle/Maze)
File Size 138,425 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Nov 12 06:15:01 2011
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
Minotaur for Ti 83/Example Levels/Sample Level 1 [C] v1.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur for Ti 83/Example Levels/Sample Level 2 [D] v1.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur for Ti 83/Example Levels/Sample Level 3 [E] v1.3+.83m   1226
Minotaur for Ti 83/Example Levels/Sample Level 4 [F] v1.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur for Ti 83/Minotaurv2.5.tig   3234
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.0/MINO.83p   857
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.4/MINOEDIT.83p   1197
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.4/MINOTAUR.83p   1338
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.5/MINOEDIT.83p   1225
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.5/MINOTAUR.83p   1245
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.6/MINOTAUR.83p   1245
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.7/MINOEDIT.83p   1254
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.7/MINOTAUR.83p   974
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.7/ZMINO.83p   335
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.9/MINOEDIT.83p   1169
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.9/MINOTAUR.83p   995
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v1.9/ZMINO.83p   315
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.0/MINOEDIT.83p   1182
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.0/MINOTAUR.83p   1029
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.0/ZMINO.83p   309
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.1/MINOEDIT.83p   1104
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.1/MINOTAUR.83p   966
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.1/ZMINO.83p   309
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.2/MINOEDIT.83p   1098
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.2/MINORAND.83p   506
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.2/MINOTAUR.83p   1024
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.2/ZMINO.83p   222
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.3/Minotaurv2.3.tig   3205
Minotaur for Ti 83/Old Versions/v2.4/Minotaurv2.4.tig   3336
Minotaur for Ti 83/README.TXT   7596
Minotaur/Example Levels/Sample Level 1 [C] v1.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur/Example Levels/Sample Level 2 [D] v1.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur/Example Levels/Sample Level 3 [E] v1.3+.83m   1226
Minotaur/Example Levels/Sample Level 4 [F] v1.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur/Minotaurv2.6.tig   3254
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.0/MINO.83p   857
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.4/MINOEDIT.83p   1197
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.4/MINOTAUR.83p   1338
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.5/MINOEDIT.83p   1225
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.5/MINOTAUR.83p   1245
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.6/MINOTAUR.83p   1245
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.7/MINOEDIT.83p   1254
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.7/MINOTAUR.83p   974
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.7/ZMINO.83p   335
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.9/MINOEDIT.83p   1169
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.9/MINOTAUR.83p   995
Minotaur/Old Versions/v1.9/ZMINO.83p   315
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.0/MINOEDIT.83p   1182
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.0/MINOTAUR.83p   1029
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.0/ZMINO.83p   309
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.1/MINOEDIT.83p   1104
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.1/MINOTAUR.83p   966
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.1/ZMINO.83p   309
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.2/MINOEDIT.83p   1098
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.2/MINORAND.83p   506
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.2/MINOTAUR.83p   1024
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.2/ZMINO.83p   222
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.3/Minotaurv2.3.tig   3205
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.4/Minotaurv2.4.tig   3336
Minotaur/Old Versions/v2.5/Minotaurv2.5.tig   3234
Minotaur/README.TXT   8865
Minotaur/Example Levels/Sample Level 5 [G] v2.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur/Example Levels/Sample Level 6 [D] v2.4+.83m   1226
Minotaur/MinotaurEditorsGuide.pdf   140020
Minotaur/Minotaurv2.7.tig   3900

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