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Review by  Kaaiman Music
Reviewed on 2012-07-30
This is one of the most polished games for the TI-83+/84+ I've ever played. It looks very pretty and the greyscale graphics are amazingly smooth.

The game features 4 playing modes, ranging from Classic (just swap until there are no matches left), Action (swap to beat the clock), Shift (swap on each move) and Endless (Classic, but, as it says, endless). In the description it says that there are two more modes, which I haven't accessed yet.

I think it is a great choice to choose numbers instead of gems to make the game well playable on a calculator. Regarding the relatively low amount of pixels on the screen, gems would probably get too small or too similar.

Despite its polished graphics, it lacks a pretty MirageOS or Doors CS icon, but this is only a minor issue. Another issue is that some texts are hard to read because of the greyscale causing low contrast.

As long as I have played Benumbered, the game hasn't crashed. However, the game progress and scores are not stored in the program itself by writing back; instead a small archived AppVar is used to store this data. This is great in the case the game would crash, and it saves the Flash chip as well.

Benumbered is as addictive as the original Bejeweled game and together with its great graphics it pleases the eye as well as it challenges the mind. With the four different playing modes, it guarantees several hours of wasting time for pleasure. :)

So, what are you waiting for? Download it immediately!

Review by  dat nguyen
Reviewed on 2011-04-10
Oh ma gosh!

About time someone make a game for me to spend countless batteries on during ma math class.

Graphic is cool, 8/10, but the game's screen should be adjusted (removing the shadow behind the numbers, those literally make me dizzy)

Also, the game should be broke up into parts.

For example, if someone only like to play in "Endless" , that person could download a special Benumbered version with ONLY that mode.

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