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Review by  Elyassin mana
Reviewed on 2017-12-31
Wow ! One of the best platform and puzzle mixed games for the TI-z80 calculators series !!! I have played it on a TI-82 Advanced calculator with 15MhZ instead of TI-83 Plus's 6MhZ processor and it's really speed !

It's also a fantastic source code because it contains 24 levels without use any ROM memory !!!

Playability : 10/10

Speed : 10/10

Difficulty : 9/10 (requires reflexion and many tricks, I have finished this in 1 month, it's much harder than math controls)

Creativity : 8/10 (a powerful level editor)

Game : 9/10 - quasi perfect !

Review by  Xeda Elnara
Reviewed on 2011-12-04
When I saw this up for POTY 2011, I was amazed by it. However, as any POTY 2011 voter will know, there is some really tough competition and after days of deliberation, I narrowed it down to 3 choices. So here is why I give this a 10/10 and my vote for Program of the Year 2011:

This is an action game in TI-BASIC and I take this into account:

Speed: 10/10

This is a BASIC program with a speed and pace that is perfect. It handles multiple moving enemies and changing tiles.

Loading times are also quite acceptable and not at all boring.

Playability: 10/10

This is a game that anybody can play and enjoy

Replayability: ?/?

I haven't finished it yet :P

Efficiency: 10/10

This program is only 12103 bytes which is amazing for a game like this (I expected somewhere in the realm of two or three times that). With the speed this has, too, it is clear that the programmer was amazingly efficient in how the code was designed.

I don't know what else to say about this except that I am enjoying this game. It even includes a map editor to create custom maps!

Review by  Ashbad Alvin
Reviewed on 2011-04-09
Another great BASIC game showing the power of TI's built in language's power -- in the hands of an expert programmer. This game is absolutely stunning -- it's similar in many ways to Portal, but has many more features and levels, and has a much longer gameplay. I have to commend ZTrumpet for making possibly one of the best BASIC games of all time.

And, in case you couldn't tell, I feel it's a 10/10.

Review by  David Gomes
Reviewed on 2010-12-04
A TI Basic program which runs fast enough for a TI-Basic program, and is just as good as some Assembly ones.

The first level is hard enough for me, and the game is a great platformer indeed.

Now that it was featured, I think TI Basic programmers can see light in the end of the tunnel: great games are still being made, even though Axe and Assembly are getting more popular.

I just hope this makes some Assembly and Axe programmers return to their Basics and try to make sweet TI Basic games.

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