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Filename os2tools.zip (Download)
Title OS2Tools
Description This is a group of programs you can use to take ZDS Intel Hex output and hash, sign, and build an 8XU OS upgrade file for sending to a real TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus series graphing calculator. The included programs are: Hex2ROM, to take ZDS-style Intel Hex and create a model-specific ROM file, GenerateSignature, which signs a binary file with the 0005 key and outputs the field 0200h signature as found in an 8XU OS upgrade file, and Build8XU, to compile an 8XU OS upgrade file given header information and a list of binary files containing the pages you want to include.
Author Brandon Wilson (brandonlw@gmail.com)
Category Windows Utilities
File Size 299,107 bytes
File Date and Time Fri Jul 24 17:55:51 2009
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes


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Archive Contents
Name Size
BigInteger.dll   26624
Build8XU.exe   51712
Build8XU.pdb   34304
Common.dll   13824
Common.pdb   38400
GenerateSignature.exe   114688
GenerateSignature.pdb   30208
Hex2ROM.exe   175104
Hex2ROM.pdb   30208
readme.txt   1276
src/Build8XU/Build8XU.vbproj   4478
src/Build8XU/My Project/Application.Designer.vb   440
src/Build8XU/My Project/Application.myapp   481
src/Build8XU/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb   1169
src/Build8XU/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb   2796
src/Build8XU/My Project/Resources.resx   5612
src/Build8XU/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb   3036
src/Build8XU/My Project/Settings.settings   279
src/Build8XU/clsMain.vb   11330
src/Build8XU/toolsYellow.ico   34494
src/Common/BigInteger.dll   26624
src/Common/Common.vbproj   4356
src/Common/My Project/Application.Designer.vb   440
src/Common/My Project/Application.myapp   481
src/Common/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb   1165
src/Common/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb   2794
src/Common/My Project/Resources.resx   5612
src/Common/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb   3032
src/Common/My Project/Settings.settings   279
src/Common/clsIntelHexLine.vb   1590
src/Common/clsSignature.vb   2880
src/Common/clsSmartException.vb   819
src/GenerateSignature/GenerateSignature.vbproj   4512
src/GenerateSignature/My Project/Application.Designer.vb   440
src/GenerateSignature/My Project/Application.myapp   481
src/GenerateSignature/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb   1187
src/GenerateSignature/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb   2805
src/GenerateSignature/My Project/Resources.resx   5612
src/GenerateSignature/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb   3054
src/GenerateSignature/My Project/Settings.settings   279
src/GenerateSignature/clsMain.vb   2718
src/GenerateSignature/processing.ico   204166
src/Hex2ROM/Hex2ROM.vbproj   4466
src/Hex2ROM/My Project/Application.Designer.vb   440
src/Hex2ROM/My Project/Application.myapp   481
src/Hex2ROM/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb   1167
src/Hex2ROM/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb   2795
src/Hex2ROM/My Project/Resources.resx   5612
src/Hex2ROM/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb   3034
src/Hex2ROM/My Project/Settings.settings   279
src/Hex2ROM/clsMain.vb   4396
src/Hex2ROM/convert.ico   161862
src/OS2Tools.sln   2366

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