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Lower Earth RPG v1.1


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Filename lerpg_1_1.zip (Download)
Title Lower Earth RPG v1.1
Description Play as one of four different classes and fight against a variety of different monsters in the world of Lower Earth. Buy weapons, armor, and spells to help you level up and advance your quest.
Author Jesse Newbold (jesse@jessenewbold.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Role-playing/Text Adventure)
File Size 14,889 bytes
File Date and Time Fri Feb 6 21:37:38 2009
Documentation Included? Yes


Review by  Joe Young
Reviewed on 2009-02-09
Well, I admit my hopes weren't high when I decided to check out this file. It was justified upon actually playing it. There isn't much of a story. You just level up and kill stuff basically. It's the same as most other RPGs, but at least most other one's sound like they're actually getting into it.

There were many flaws with the game. In the map portions, the screen kept refreshing itself even when no one was moving. This led to slow gameplay and some unsightly flickering. In addition, many times a "ClrHome" was sorely missed when more text gets outputted over the previous text. This confused me at one point when some jerk yelled at me to help his son, then having the ASCII world map pasted right on top of his drivel.

However, as I continued, I found the gameplay actually adequate, even for a text-based RPG. The world map is basically unlimiting: you could go wherever you want provided you're ready to fight some terribly tough monsters. Battling feels a wee bit broken, though. Many of the attacks feel overpowered and hard to gauge. In addition, it's terribly unprofessional for HP to frequently be marked as less than zero prior to dying. It's keeps giving me the feeling that my attacks were overkill on my victim.

I would stick knives in my head if I ever say this about a text RPG again, but I actually would recommend this program if you have the time for it. A fair amount of work and time has gone into it, and the readme was ok...just give it a shot, all right? There are small cosmetic things I would like to improve about it, but beyond that, I'd say it was a worthwhile project, provided it gets improved at some point.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
H.8xm   166
I.8xm   400
J.8xm   1228
SAVE.8xl   409
Readme-Instructions.doc   34304
LEFIGHT.8xp   3566
LEMAIN.8xp   1919
LEMAP.8xp   881
LEQUEST.8xp   1169
LETOWN.8xp   1029
LESTORE.8xp   2172
LEDUNGN.8xp   2795
LEABIL.8xp   2268
LELVLUP.8xp   939

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