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D&D 4E Pack


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Filename dd4epack.zip (Download)
Title D&D 4E Pack
Description Intro This is a pack of programs that allow your calculator to become an indispensable tool for tabletop RPG players and GMs. I designed it for use with D&D 4E, but all of these programs could be useful for any tabletop RPG. It includes an ability score generator, a dice roller, and a random dungeon generator. All of these programs have been extensively play-tested and streamlined for easy use in-game. These programs are made for the TI-84 Plus SE. Note: Some of the programs have controls that are not immediately obvious. Read the readme! Program Descriptions DD4EABIL is a program for generating ability scores. It allows you to use a point-buy method or a dice rolling method. The point-buy method allows you to specify the number of points you get. Information in the D&D 4E Player's Handbook is used to determine the default number of points, ability score starting values, and ability score increment point costs. The dice rolling method allows you to specify the number of six sided dice to roll per score; each value is the sum of the top three rolls. The number of dice defaults to four. DICE is a program that simulates rolling dice. It has designed to be as intuitive as possible; simply enter a string and the program will give you a result. For example: 4d6+d9+3 would return a number between 8 and 36 and 2*7-4 would return 10. Strings may include the digits 0-9, d, and the operators +-*/. This program includes a reroll last string button, an instant d20 roll button, and a backspace key. The dice program will time out if it is left idle long enough so that the calculator will turn off and save your batteries. RANDDNGN is a program for generating random dungeons on the fly, before or during play. You tell the program how to start the dungeon and generates the dungeon one element at a time, prompting you for how to continue at every junction. Here is an example: You: Start with a corridor Program: Corridor continues straight for 4 squares, with a side corridor on the right You: Continue straight Program : Door, with a corridor beyond it that runs straight 4 squares with stairs on the left You: Take the stairs Program: Stairs go up to a corridor, which continues for two squares and turns left, continues for 4 squares, then goes to a four-way intersection You: Turn right Program: Chamber, 8x10 square rectangle, with 1 door and one other corridor and a pool You: Go through the door etc... Note: the actual program is a lot less verbose than this example.
Author Allen Aston (aaston86@gmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Misc. Programs (Game Tools)
File Size 4,304 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Sep 15 19:15:32 2008
Documentation Included? Yes


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