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Super Mario 68K


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Filename supermario68k.zip (Download)
Title Super Mario 68K
Description Super Mario 68K is a grayscale Super Mario game for your calc. The game are highly animated with beautiful graphics and smooth scrolling backgrounds. There's a LOT of different kinds of monsters, ranging from the classic goombas and turtles, ghosts and hammer bros, and even Bowser! and many, many more. Also, 3 different kinds of bosses are present. There are many kind of powerup's to aid you in your quest, like the Mushrom, Fire Flower, Extra Lives, the Racoon Suit and many more. Did i mention that you can even fly in this game? The game also has an overworld map for each of the 8 worlds with features like mushrom houses, two different mini games, airships, boats, castles and much more! There is a lot of secrets and hidden areas in the game, so there will always be new places to explore! A warp zone is also included! With 3 save slots you can save your progress, and continue from the same spot later. Saved games will be archived automaticly. More than 70 exiting levels through 8 worlds will give you many hours of game play. And with the level editor you can even make your own worlds and levels! This version also has configureable keys.
Author Lach Asderity (lachprog@hotmail.com)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Arcade/Platform)
File Size 599,053 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Dec 10 01:56:10 2009
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Fabian Rodriguez
Reviewed on 2017-05-09
Hands down one of the best calculator games ever. End of story.

Graphics: 10/10

Just about as good/accurate as 2d graphics can get on a TI. The sprites, backgrounds, enemies etc. all hold true to the SNES version and it really looks beautiful. Not only this, but I never saw a significant drop in the framerate in my entire playthrough.

Gameplay: 9/10

I'm hesitant to even take a point off because this game is so good. The reason I did is because the physics in the game are pretty much nonexistent which really detracts from the experience. Other than that, though, the gameplay is very good.

Presentation: 10/10.

The menus are easy to use and saving is a breeze with (I believe) auto-archiving save files. Not only this, but it's really easy to keep track of the files for the game as they automatically make a separate folder for themselves.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10

Probably one of the most lengthy TI games ever. I think there's something like 70 levels with a billion different enemies and tons of features. On top of this there is a level editor so even after you beat the game you can keep on playing.

Overall: 10/10

Not only is the most fun TI game I've ever played, it's also the most impressively built. Everything in this game runs perfectly and holds true to the SNES version (except for the physics system). Props to the guys at TI freakware who made this; this is a truly amazing game.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/common.89y   1898
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/mario.89p   149
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/mario.89y   36230
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/mario.89z   1095
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_bckgr.89y   2456
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_sprts.89y   25362
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_texts.89y   703
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_tiles.89y   38640
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/sm68k.89y   219
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world1.89z   4586
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world2.89z   5056
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world3.89z   5982
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world4.89z   2930
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world5.89z   3819
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world6.89z   8008
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world7.89z   6460
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/world8.89z   6449
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/common.9xy   1898
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/mario.9xp   149
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/mario.9xy   36359
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/mario.9xz   1095
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/ma_bckgr.9xy   2456
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/ma_sprts.9xy   25362
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/ma_texts.9xy   703
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/ma_tiles.9xy   38640
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/sm68k.9xy   219
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world1.9xz   4586
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world2.9xz   5056
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world3.9xz   5982
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world4.9xz   2930
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world5.9xz   3819
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world6.9xz   8008
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world7.9xz   6460
Super Mario 68K/Bin/TI-92+/world8.9xz   6449
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/common.9xy   1898
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/mario.9xp   149
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/mario.v2y   36382
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/mario.v2z   1095
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/ma_bckgr.9xy   2456
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/ma_sprts.9xy   25362
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/ma_texts.9xy   703
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/ma_tiles.9xy   38640
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/sm68k.9xy   219
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world1.9xz   4586
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world2.9xz   5056
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world3.9xz   5982
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world4.9xz   2930
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world5.9xz   3819
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world6.9xz   8008
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world7.9xz   6460
Super Mario 68K/Bin/Voyage 200/world8.9xz   6449
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/1up_mushrom.PNG   530
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/anchor_item.PNG   487
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/beetle.PNG   1158
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/bomb.PNG   815
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/bonusbox.PNG   1057
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/booDiddly.PNG   1030
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/boomerangBros.PNG   1359
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/Boom_Boom.PNG   1388
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/bowscastle.PNG   1069
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/bowser.PNG   1611
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/bricks.PNG   595
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/cardgamemap.PNG   504
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/castle.PNG   639
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/cheepcheep.PNG   645
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/cloud_item.PNG   446
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/coins.PNG   637
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/doomship.PNG   412
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/dryBones.PNG   1074
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/fallBlock.PNG   576
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/fflower.PNG   988
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/firebro.PNG   1139
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/fireflower.PNG   1367
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/flower_item.PNG   528
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/fortress.PNG   564
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/gamehouse.PNG   494
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/gHouse.PNG   1239
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/ghouse_2up.PNG   1154
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/ghouse_5UP.PNG   1058
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/ghouse_flower.PNG   1101
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/ghouse_star.PNG   1007
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/goomba.PNG   811
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/hammerbro.PNG   1582
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/hammer_item.PNG   426
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/itemlist.PNG   1578
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/jelly.PNG   585
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/koopakidos.PNG   2023
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/koopaParaTroopa.PNG   1302
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/KoopaTroopa.PNG   1270
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/leaf.PNG   547
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/leaf_item.PNG   466
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/level.PNG   497
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/levelend.PNG   685
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/locked.PNG   497
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/mhouse.PNG   625
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/mhousehidden.PNG   449
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/mmonster.PNG   464
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/mushrom.PNG   678
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/mushromHouse.PNG   1542
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/mushrom_item.PNG   519
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/nipperPlant.PNG   739
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/noteBlock.PNG   1087
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/noteBlock2.PNG   701
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/paraGoomba.PNG   1843
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/pipe.PNG   434
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/pipeMap.PNG   617
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/pipes.PNG   1969
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/Piranha Plant.PNG   1405
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/pow.PNG   911
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/pu_items.PNG   1196
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/pwing.PNG   400
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/pyra.PNG   508
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/qsand.PNG   497
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/ship.PNG   473
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/sm68k.jpg   28044
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/spikey.PNG   1061
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/star_item.PNG   464
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/Thwomp.PNG   1631
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/treasure.PNG   1145
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/whistle_item.PNG   304
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/whiteblock.PNG   710
Super Mario 68K/Doc/images/woodblock.PNG   909
Super Mario 68K/Doc/Super mario 68K.html   75595
Super Mario 68K/GPL Licence.txt   35821
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Deutsch/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_texts.89y   829
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Deutsch/TI-92+ & Voyage 200/ma_texts.9xy   829
Super Mario 68K/Languages/English/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_texts.89y   703
Super Mario 68K/Languages/English/TI-92+ & Voyage 200/ma_texts.9xy   703
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Espanol/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_texts.89y   819
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Espanol/TI-92+ & Voyage 200/ma_texts.9xy   819
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Francais/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_texts.89y   841
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Francais/TI-92+ & Voyage 200/ma_texts.9xy   841
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Norsk/TI-89 & TI-89 Titanium/ma_texts.89y   681
Super Mario 68K/Languages/Norsk/TI-92+ & Voyage 200/ma_texts.9xy   681
Super Mario 68K/Leeme.txt   8497
Super Mario 68K/lesmeg.txt   3734
Super Mario 68K/liesmich.txt   6395
Super Mario 68K/Lisez moi.txt   6492
Super Mario 68K/readme.txt   5585
Super Mario 68K/SRC.zip   165842
Super Mario 68K/Ti-Freakware.url   78
Super Mario 68K/Webpage.url   87

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