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Review by  Kirk Meyer
Reviewed on 2004-11-02
ttention span: 8/10 Enough levels, but it gets boring after a while.
Controls: 10/10 The good ol' 2nd and arrows interface.
Implementation: 8/10 A great twist on Othello. Just those few problems I mentioned.
Overall: 9/10 A good game to play if you're not too smart for it.

Orbix is a game that is similar to Othello, with a few new twists. Rather than an eight by eight board, Orbix is played on a twelve by six board. Orbix does not allow diagonal "jumps" but does allow placing a piece next to one of your own without "jumping". It also has multiple levels, with the later levels having more and more blocking squares (squares where pieces can not be played and over which "jumps" may not be made).

I don't have much to say except that some people find it hard to play against the calculator. Support for different difficulty levels would be good. It would also be nice to allow the user to go back to the level they were at before they lost rather than making them start the whole game over again.

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-04-07
A strategy game! Warning: thinking is required, but not too much. So yeah, you may have heard of this game before, most likely it was called “Othello.” Well, this game is no different. Basically, you play against the computer and try to end up with the majority of the circles on the board. Each level is different and has a multitude of possible ways to play it out. You can easily figure out the gameplay, so download it and try it :-)

Initially I had no improvements for the program. However, after playing it over and over, because it is rather addicting, I noticed that the computer AI would always do the same moves after I did my initial move. I would suggest that a more “random basis” AI would provide better gameplay, since it could disrupt the pattern you use to beat a level each time. For example, if you have a certain way of beating a level and you memorize how you beat it, then you will, through instinct, beat the computer the same way each time. With a more random AI, there would be no way to memorize a method of winning because it would most likely be different each time.

So an improved AI would be the only thing to improve upon. Everything else works perfect. If you like strategy games, try this, it’s pretty fun. I would say that I see this game played more often among people I know, with the exception of Tetris. So, it is well liked.

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