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Pokemon Purple v 0.1.4b


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Filename pokepur.zip (Download)
Title Pokemon Purple v 0.1.4b
Description Well, continuing on with Pokemon Purple, thought I would reveal this older beta that I released to certain people to the rest of you all, since it has been over 3 years since the last release. This beta now includes: A scrolling map, instead of the 8x16 segments you used to walk through (screenshot of old system in zip) The ability to change border styles for dialogue and such This is just mainly to show I am still alive. I have had made many many many improvements to this game since this version has been released, but at this time is in an unreleasable form. Keep tabs on this project at TI-Freakware, United TI, Omnimaga, or Cemetech so you stay up to date on the latest developments on this project. Please note the included animated screenshot is faster on calculator (83+SE, 84+ and 84+SE) than in the screenshot.
Author TIFreak8x (tifreak8x@hotmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Role-playing/Pokémon)
File Size 85,779 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Nov 2 05:09:09 2009
Documentation Included? Yes



Review by  Jesse Pirnat
Reviewed on 2006-01-05
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

“Pokemon Purple” seems to be a promising title to longtime “Pokemon”-playing calc owners. This version features a beautiful grayscale title screen, at which you press a key to continue. I have found that pressing [Enter] will sometimes generate a flash in which the picture loses its grayscale, but any other key safely advances to the menu.

The actual gameplay is primarily a walking engine based on the homescreen--ASCII, the best graphics around. You can walk around the town and the path to the north, eventually coming to where the maps stop. Also is the option of reading signs with [2nd]. Note that pressing [2nd] on the top line causes a Domain error.

Map loading is slow, but is to be fixed. I recommend you play this on a calculator of higher speed and memory.

Graphics - 9/10 - Great title screen, greater text graphics.
Playability - 5/10 - Keep in mind this is a demo.
Memory - 10/10 - The programs are fairly small, and there are no memory leaks.
Speed - 4/10 - Something will be done to fix this.
Overall - 7/10

A bit tangled, but I have no doubt that the final version will be a valued TI-BASIC program for all generations.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/Pic0.8xi   832
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/Pic3.8xi   844
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/Pic5.8xi   832
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/Pic7.8xi   844
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZAN.8xp   2225
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZASH.8xp   1714
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZBD.8xp   535
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZBX1.8xp   196
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZDOOR.8xp   305
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZDW.8xp   491
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZEQU.8xp   83
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZIA.8xp   145
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZIA1.8xp   2239
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZINT.8xp   974
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZIS1.8xp   140
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZIT.8xp   1276
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZITD.8xp   1788
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZLD.8xp   860
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZLIST.8xp   394
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZLST.8xp   336
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZMA1.8xp   4448
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZMA2.8xp   2363
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZMINPC.8xp   1483
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZMS.8xp   161
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZMU.8xp   912
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZNPC.8xp   276
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZNPC1.8xp   1125
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZOP.8xp   848
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPDX.8xp   1129
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPM.8xp   294
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPM1.8xp   4426
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPM2.8xp   4503
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPM3.8xp   4388
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPM4.8xp   4503
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPM5.8xp   4198
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPM6.8xp   4320
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZPN.8xp   1590
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSA.8xp   661
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSA1.8xp   1496
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSI.8xp   219
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSI1.8xp   233
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSM.8xp   1444
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSS.8xp   769
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZST1.8xp   4515
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZST2.8xp   4560
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSTA.8xp   167
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSTAIRS.8xp   145
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZSTS1.8xp   147
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Archive/ZTM.8xp   265
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Documentation/Celtic2 ReadMe.txt   11672
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Documentation/mapold.gif   51594
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Documentation/Pokemon Readme.txt   4514
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Documentation/program list-n-function.txt   2572
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Documentation/Resource Readme.txt   12868
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Documentation/TI Freak Ware - Resource Readme.url   100
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/Documentation/Trainer_Guide.htm   1356
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/POKEMON.8xp   710
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/RESOURCE.8xp   561
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZCELTIC.8xp   873
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZDE.8xp   169
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZGA.8xp   1382
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZMA.8xp   201
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZRS.8xp   87
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZSP.8xp   277
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZSP2.8xp   249
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZTD.8xp   543
pokepur/Pokemon Purple/RAM/ZWT.8xp   80

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