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Review by  nick bugaev
Reviewed on 2009-12-26
Gameplay- Hours of trying trick after trick may seem fun at first but soon it may get boring if there is no goal. Personally its no problem for me because of the fantastic maps. 7/10

Memory- Very small size so it wont take up much space. Good job! 10/10

Creativity- The alpha+key system is really great and provides more than just the simple up,down,left,right. Skating on top of buildings! That's a great idea! 10/10

File- Perfect screenshots with a well detalied readme. 10/10

Graphics- excellent background with well animated board movements. 10/10

Controls- User friendly and great for those well timed manuevers. 10/10

Overall- The graphics and tricks saved some points but without a goal I might not return to this game for a while. Maybe play this game in some spare time but I wouldn't recommend as a first choice. 8/10


-I think you'll know the first one—points and goals

-Maybe a level that can let you skate on the street and avoid cops

-Unlockable tricks

-Maybe a nightime background

Review by  joe gonzalez
Reviewed on 2007-05-06
Big City Skater is an excellent assembly game for the TI-83+. Although having no score counter is a major drawback, the tricks you can execute are far from boring. The graphics are very good for a calculator (of course...) and the controls are up to its simplest standards.

There is one glitch, where if you are short from a jump and collide with a black and white striped building, like the ones in the first two screenshots, the skater will grind through the building. When it comes to a stop and falls, the game either quits, or it crashes and gives you a RAM cleared message.

Despite the glitch, the game is great to look at. Just be sure to avoid crashing into a black and white striped building....

Review by  Chris Jousn
Reviewed on 2006-04-27
Personally, I like “Big City Skater”. It is an outstanding performance with the graphics and overall gameplay. The action is very smooth, except a minor glitch when you get caught in the middle of a building (but you are already falling on your way to losing a life).

One big problem: there is no scoring system. You could say that the game is made for looks. The controls are a little weird, so you kind of get frustrated when trying to do a trick using [alpha] and an arrow key. There are no points in this game. No matter how many tricks you pull, or how far you get in the game, there are no points. That is a serious downfall. Otherwise, this is a beautifully made game.

Review by  Floyd Maseda
Reviewed on 2005-11-19
"Big City Skater" is a very interesting program. It has a decent speed and awesome graphics. The opening screen is a little weird looking, and it's kind of hard to make out the letters if you don't know what you're looking at. The little skateboard sprite, though, on the homescreen is awesome, and looks exactly like a rotating skateboard.

Some things I don't like about this program are that after you press a key on the homescreen, you jump right into the game - no instructions or paused screen telling you you're going into the game – nothing. You just go straight into the game and hope you know how to work it. Seeing as how this is a beta, this could be fixed in future versions of the file.

Also, when you perform a trick, you have to hold the combination as you jump instead of while you are in the air. This means to do a trick such as the “backside 180”, you have to press [2nd] to gain jump power + [Alpha] + [Left] all at the same time and release to jump. Usually, this results in not being able to jump, but doing the trick sends you head on into the next building. Also, this means no trick combinations.

Overall, though, this is a pretty good game with some awesome graphics:
Speed: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Originality: 8/10
Replayability: 6/10
Overall: 34/40 (85%) Good Job.

Review by  Michael White
Reviewed on 2005-11-19
“Big City Skater” is a worthy successor to the author's “TI-Sk8brd”. Even though it is only in beta, it a great game and it shows lots of promise.

Graphics - 10/10. They are really awesome. The tricks look realistic, and the scrolling city buildings look nice. The city skyline background is very well done - it moves at a slower rate to give the appearance of depth.

Controls - 7/10. The controls take a little getting used to. It not your natural tendency to have to hold down the trick keys before you jump.

Gameplay - 7/10. The random element is nice, and it can be challenging, but it gets boring after a while, especially without scoring. But the variety of tricks is nice.

Overall - 8/10. You should download this and try it out.

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