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Robot War: Project Darkstar


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Filename rw.zip (Download)
Title Robot War: Project Darkstar
Description The first multiplayer RPG for TI-82 is finally here! Help Edgar on his quest to stop the evil Dr. Edmund Gallagher from destroying the planet with his Darkstar weather control machines. Venture through five vast regions as you pilot a team of unstoppable robots and dismantle Edmund’s Darkstar bases. Then use your timed-attack skills and combinational items to gain the edge in Linked Battle mode. File includes the multiplayer-ready Linked Edition, and the size-reduced Standard Edition.
Author B Mayes (digitan000@yahoo.com)
Category TI-82 Assembly Games (CrASH)
File Size 456,030 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Nov 19 13:18:36 2005
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
RW/builder.gif   12173
RW/city.gif   129048
RW/edmund.gif   1433
RW/Readme.txt   1140
RW/Robot War Players Guide.txt   44167
RW/RW.82P   25111
RW/RWL.82P   26291
RW/saved games.txt   244
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/backdrop.asm   5428
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/battleNT.asm   148420
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/builder.asm   11748
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/comms.asm   4080
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/CRASH.TXT   14661
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/CRASH82.INC   13284
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/CRASHPRG.TXT   31566
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/enemies.asm   20302
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/general.asm   12439
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/iconsL.asm   2733
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/io.asm   3832
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/library.asm   3718
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/LICONS.ASM   3172
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/link4.asm   2105
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/Ltext.asm   8485
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/map.asm   114080
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/math.asm   1420
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/menu.asm   5057
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/relocate.asm   3398
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/robot.h   15010
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/rules.asm   13740
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/RWL.asm   20756
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/spr30ax.inc   5904
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/sprites.asm   5547
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/spritetv.asm   5420
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/tmap20.inc   13126
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/window.asm   2304
RW/Source/RW2 Linked Edition/ZCPDECOD.ASM   3906
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/backdrop.asm   5428
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/battle.asm   146757
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/builder.asm   11748
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/CRASH.82B   3416
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/CRASH.TXT   14661
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/CRASH82.INC   13284
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/CRASHPRG.TXT   31566
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/enemies.asm   20302
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/general.asm   12439
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/icons.asm   3180
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/iconsL.asm   2733
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/io.asm   3730
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/library.asm   3718
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/map.asm   114076
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/math.asm   1420
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/menu.asm   5057
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/relocate.asm   3440
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/robot.h   15010
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/rules.asm   13740
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/rw.asm   14580
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/spr30ax.inc   5904
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/sprites.asm   5547
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/spritetv.asm   5420
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/text.asm   8096
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/tmap20.inc   13126
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/window.asm   2304
RW/Source/RW2 Standard Edition/ZCPDECOD.ASM   3906
RW/title.gif   1264

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