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C-compiler for z80-calculators


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Filename tisdcc.zip (Download)
Title C-compiler for z80-calculators
Description Tisdcc provides a simple way to program fast programs and applications for z80-calculators. It uses "sdcc", a almost complete C-compiler, which produces fast code. It's for those who find BASIC too slow and assembler too complex. tisdcc is fast and simple! At present, it produces code only for TI-83 Plus, but it can be extended. It supports Windows and Linux.
Author Florian Richter (florian_richter@gmx.de)
Category Windows Utilities
File Size 98,485 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Apr 12 00:16:28 2006
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes


Review by  kllr nohj
Reviewed on 2005-12-13
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

The C-compiler works just as advertised. The C code ran as expected, with division, multiplication, true-local variables in functions, recursive functions, etc.

The biggest problem with it right now is its lack of "out-of-the-box" functions with only a few display functions, and one getkey function.

Overall it works great, but you'll still need to know Z80 ASM until more functions are created.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
tisdcc/lib/pc/ti83p.c   2023
tisdcc/lib/pc/ti83p.o   12548
tisdcc/lib/pc/ti83p.obj   4572
tisdcc/lib/src/ti83p.c   1366
tisdcc/lib/src/ti83pequ.c   2282
tisdcc/lib/src/ti83pion.c   252
tisdcc/lib/ti83p.lib   4767
tisdcc/src/appsign-linux   3086
tisdcc/src/cutbin/Makefile   93
tisdcc/src/cutbin/cutbin.c   2939
tisdcc/src/tisdcc/Makefile   93
tisdcc/src/tisdcc/tisdcc.c   10100
tisdcc/src/ihx2hex/Makefile   100
tisdcc/src/ihx2hex/ihx2hex.c   2667
tisdcc/test/test.8xk   1298
tisdcc/test/test.8xp   351
tisdcc/test/test.app   1220
tisdcc/test/test.asm   3217
tisdcc/test/test.exe   32768
tisdcc/test/test.c   249
tisdcc/startup/ti83p_app.o   1182
tisdcc/startup/ti83p_app.s   2674
tisdcc/startup/ti83p_asm.o   529
tisdcc/startup/ti83p_asm.s   1090
tisdcc/startup/ti83p_ion.o   603
tisdcc/startup/ti83p_ion.s   877
tisdcc/cutbin   18806
tisdcc/readme.txt   3380
tisdcc/tisdcc   26059
tisdcc/DevPac8X.COM   935
tisdcc/0104.key   270
tisdcc/ihx2hex   21333
tisdcc/include/ion.h   261
tisdcc/include/ti83p.h   525
tisdcc/include/ti83pequ.h   250
tisdcc/include/ti83ptokens.h   40703
tisdcc/include/ti83pkeyval.h   6087
tisdcc/cutbin.exe   18252
tisdcc/ihx2hex.exe   17916
tisdcc/tisdcc.exe   22439

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