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Review by  Kerrick Staley
Reviewed on 2006-11-04
"LCD Fix" is awesome! I, too, have been plagued for so long by distorted graphics in various games. These problems discouraged me from playing them, but with this program, the problem was solved! Amazing! If you have ever experienced glitches with program graphics, download this before anything else.


Review by  Roberto Sanchez
Reviewed on 2006-04-30
This program is amazing. If you have ever experienced any problems with the graphics in any program, then this program is exactly what you need. Some games, like “Donkey Kong” and “Phantom Star”, had distorted graphics that made me lose interest in them. After using “LCD Fix”, the graphics look exactly as they should and I can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played. This program is incredible, and should be downloaded right away!

Review by  Brandon Bridges
Reviewed on 2006-03-23
All I can say is wow! Phantom Star was a breakthrough in gaming, and it was such a disappointment that it would not work on my 84. But low and behold, this amazing program, once ran, will make it run on an 84. Games such as “Mario”, which sometimes get garbled, also work correctly. “LCD Fix” is a program that everyone needs to have. 10/10. No matter what scale it would be on, this program stays at the top.

Review by  Ki-tat Chung
Reviewed on 2005-03-24
“LCD Fix” is quite a unique program that actually works. I was quite skeptical at first, as all my programs had worked thus far. But when I downloaded Donkey Kong, I noticed that the intro screen was garbled, and I figured that I might as well try this program out. The interface was simple to use (just press [ENTER]), and worked in both TI-OS using the "asm(" command, and in MirageOS


The only thing that might limit the use of this program is that it you only need it on TI-83+ SE and TI-84+ series (Can't run on plain 83+). But as far as I'm concerned, it's staying on my calculator.

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