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Review by  Jared Schmidt
Reviewed on 2005-02-13
“TEXAS Fighters” is a really good game, even if it's the game's initial release. The graphics are really good, the game is fast, and the AI isn't too bad. I haven't encountered any glitches or bugs either, except when I gave it to my friend and he ran it on his 89-Titanium, the words on the intro screen were screwed up. However, it was fine when he ran it again. Right now there are only two characters to choose from, but even so, this game is still better than most other games for the 89. Maybe I'm dumb, but I think the combos were hard to pull off. The game gets a little bit easy after a while. Hopefully in the next release, the AI will get better. If not, it would be cool if you could play two opponents at a time :) This game is a great way to pass time in class.

Review by  xxxx xxxx
Reviewed on 2005-02-06
This game is incredible! When I first downloaded it, I didn't think it would be that great, since after all, it is just version 0.1. Boy, was I proved wrong. This program is a MUST DOWNLOAD. Here is how it rates in my book:

These graphics are ridiculously good. These are the kinds of graphics a good programmer should aim for in their final release, and this is just an early beta! There is a lot of backgrounds to fight in front of (none animated though). You can choose not to import all of them, which is good if you don't have much memory left. The fighters are very distinct with all the backgrounds and I have never had any trouble seeing them. The animations are superb.

The gameplay is awesome. At first, it took a while to get used to the controls, as you have to hold the punch button for a split second before the guy punches- but the reason for this is clear. If you tap punch, for example, he will do faster, weaker jabs. If you hold it, he will to a strong punch. This, as well as the fact that the game must check for any combos, explains this, and now that I've figured that out, I wouldn't want it any other way.

The AI, as the author says in his readme, will get extra work, which is good. Currently, the AI beats me about 25% of all games (on easy). However, I've noticed that "hard" mode isn't much harder at all- this could use some work, even though it is still hard anyway. Also, another noticeable lacking option is some sort of tournament mode- right now, the only option is a one-on-one match. I hope the author will iron all this out in the next few releases.

Ever since I've downloaded this, I've been playing it for quite some time. My only real gripe is that there are only two characters at this time and they both have exactly the same moves- however, this is to be expected, since this a very early beta release. It has never crashed on my OS 2.05 TI-89 and works quickly, though I have not tried multiplayer.

Incredible game- download it today! (Only you don't really need all the backgrounds, as the game does suck up quite a bit of memory anyway).

Review by  RJ Larimore
Reviewed on 2005-02-04
"Texas Fighers" has great potential for being a fun game. The graphics are the best I have seen for a calculator game, but there are a few big problems with the game. The data takes up a lot of memory, which is not really a problem for me because I have a Titanium, but this can be a problem if you like to keep a lot of games on your calculator. The biggest problem though is that the button response is really slow. It is hard to win battles because the AI moves so fast and when you press a button, you have to hold it for about a second before the move is executed. I hope in the next version this is fixed because it is really frustrating, but this game has a lot of potential.

Overall score: 6/10

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