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Review by  jj D
Reviewed on 2005-10-02
Overall Score: 9.5/10

The only reason why i give subtracted a .5 is because the AI is really tough for me. The game runs very smoothly and right now I can see no flaws. The AI is tough, and the multiple power-ups and courses add to the fun.

"Bomber Dude" is just a great game. What are you waiting for?

Review by  Andrew Moffitt
Reviewed on 2005-10-01
"Bomber Dude" is obviously a "copy" of "BomberMan". I would like to add a very accurate, yet different enough to avoid legal problems, "copy." There is no "story," like in the GB versions. Meaning, you can get right into awesome, bomb-dropping, explosive combat. One of the cool feelings this game gives you is from the customization of this game: It's kind-of like Xbox Live. You can do 1 or 2 players, and you can set up how many AI Bots you want with one of seven maps, what special items will appear on the map, and how many kills to win.

GRAPHICS: 10 /10
CONCEPT: 10 /10
GAMEPLAY: 9.5 /10
EXTRAS: 10 /10
OVERALL: 10 /10

Review by  Alex M
Reviewed on 2005-05-14
You won't find many games sporting such graphics as Bomber Dude does. Everything is masterfully rendered, making the game look truly professional. It's not just due to the superb grayscale graphics - it's also the multitude of features, rich and fast game play, and stability of the program that make this game a masterpiece.

“Bomber Dude” is, of course, a variation of “BomberMan”, which has spread across oh so many platforms. I remember playing such a variation on my old PC around seven years ago. “Bomber Dude” brings all of that fun back, and in handheld form. The game play is fast, with very smooth scrolling, which is a true accomplishment, considering the massive graphics that are used.

Bomber Dude has lots of maps, each with its own graphics and features. You can select how many bots you want to face, and of course how many rounds. This gives a lot of variety and replay value to the game.

Overall, this is THE game. Beautiful graphics, fast gameplay, huge variety, and bug-free. 10+/10

Review by  Michael Hergenrader
Reviewed on 2005-02-10
“Bomber Dude” has all of the elements of a good game. Personally, I think the author maxed out the capabilities of the TI-89 series (I have a Titanium) and if this isn't the final release, who knows what else could fit in this?

Graphics - 9/10
The graphics are simply outstanding, and the use of the game's grayscale is mind-boggling and spectacular. However, some parts have a lot of flicker, such as the win awarded screen. The transitions are very smooth and the animations are excellent.

Game Elements - 7/10
Now, everyone knows that “Bomberman” series on the “GameBoy” series has many expectations and features to live up to, and this game did a pretty good job utilizing those features for a platform such as the 89. On the contrary, there were many features that could have been added, such as more weapons that even the 83+ included... The artificial intelligence was incredible, because if someone could not play, you can just challenge the AI. The levels are very interesting in their layout and some of the special bonuses are very cool. Multiplayer is also a great mode: I love multiplayer games!

Compatibility - 10/10
Since I have an 89 Titanium instead of the 89, it's hard to find too many games that have compatibility since it has an optimized processor. This game is excellent in the portability since it runs on more than just the 89, but this is also a small category.

Speed - 10/10
There are definitely no complaints about this game's speed. Perfect speed is included in this game with absolutely no delays. The only delay (if you want to count this) was the loading time, but otherwise this game is great in the speed!

Overall - 8/10 (not an average)
This game is excellent in all aspects, but there is a lack of most of the features that a lot of people ask about why they are missing. However, the author did an excellent job on this game with the limited abilities of the 89 (compared to other non-TI systems) and made this game an excellent piece of work! I look forward to more publications from this author.

Review by  RJ Larimore
Reviewed on 2004-12-21
Overall rating: 9/10

“Bomber Dude” covers all aspects of a good calc game. It has good graphics, smooth movement, excellent AI, a high (but sometimes too high) degree of difficulty, and a variety of options. I play this game all the time and it has never froze or anything, so it is pretty stable and runs quickly. “Bomber Dude” doesn’t take up much memory, so you don’t have to worry about that. Overall, its one of the best 89 games.

Review by  Element Fire
Reviewed on 2004-12-05
“Bomber Dude” is based on a popular game called “BomberMan.” It is a beautiful game that has a fantastic multiplayer component. Skip down to the bottom for the summary.

Let's start with some technical aspects of the game.

Graphics - The graphics are crisp, with an excellent frame rate regardless of the amount of action on screen in Single Player. In Multiplayer, this is often the case, but I have had some FPS hiccups, without any apparent reason. The textures are nice, with the free pathways and destroyable bricks almost always distinguishable from the blocking bricks (some of the maps have confusing textures, though).

One minor gripe is that Player 1 and Player 2 usually have very similar colors, thus making it difficult to differentiate between the two. The info shown on the screen is quite useful, with the enemies left on the map, number of bombs in arsenal, range of bombs, etc., being shown.

Audio - Unknown/not tested.

Control - Excellent response to all button presses, no lag whatsoever. The game uses the four cursor keys, the [2nd] key, and the [Diamond] key. The controls are not configurable (I haven't even had to check). The [2nd] key drops bombs, and can be held down to drop a bomb wherever you walk (only one bomb can be planted in one square). The [Diamond] key has two functions: If you have NOT picked up a Teleport "T" pickup, this will drop all your bombs in a straight line in the direction you are facing; If you HAVE picked up a Teleport pickup, you will be teleported to a random spot on the map, with bad luck, right next to a bomb that's about to go off. ;)

Single Player - The AI seems to follow extremely optimized paths, and almost never glitches. Usually, the only way to kill an AI is to trap it in a corner, or sandwich it between two bombs, which also gives you bragging rights (see Multiplayer). Difficulty levels might be interesting. You can play with 2-4 AI on any map, and 4 AI on Atomic Ring (probably the best map IMO, with NO pickups, and NO blocks to destroy, everyone starting off with max bombs, and all bombs starting off with maximum range) is guaranteed chaos, and that's not in a bad way.

Multiplayer – This is the only Multiplayer game that I've seen that supports AI; it's almost like having a LAN party, except with calcs! There's even a spectator mode when you die, which lets you scroll right around the map and spy on anyone. The Multiplayer is probably the best aspect of the game. That said, there are some glitches, especially when linking from a Titanium to an 89 (no other linking methods were tested). The game did freeze a couple of times for no apparent reason, and we had to reset the calcs to recover. It was soon after, that I realized that when the multiplayer freezes, it's possible to remove the link cable, and hold the [Esc] key to quit the game (but it takes about 30 seconds). The freezes seldom happened, but it's acceptable for a game that's not a release version >= 1.0.

Graphics -> 10/10
Audio -> -/-
Control -> 10/10
Single Player -> 9/10
Multiplayer -> 8/10

Comments: Ironing out the glitches in Multiplayer, giving difficulty levels to the AI, and maybe throw in a map editor would make “Bomber Dude” be the best action game ever made for a TI calc.

Review by  Mike Boyd
Reviewed on 2004-12-03
“BomberDude” is now my favorite 68k game out of the seem-like thousands. It has awesome graphics, very smooth game play, many twists, and relatively smart AI. Too bad I don't know anyone with an 89 because the multiplayer seems really fun. I'm pretty sure this will forever be on my calc, until a next release of this comes out. I haven’t found any bugs yet, and I don’t suspect I will. This game was put together beautifully.

Game Play-----100%
Overall-------The best game ever! 100%

Review by  Jai Park
Reviewed on 2004-12-02
This is the game that is going to be the "ideal" “Bomberman” game for 68K calcs, just like “Bomberkids” for 83s and “Bomberbloke” for 86s. The scrolling screen and the grayscale are just overwhelming. I am a “Bomberman” fan myself and this version is very addicting. I strongly recommend everyone to download it. The AI (up to three of them) are very smart, and they actually lay bombs against you. You can choose seven different levels, each letting you start with different equipments. It also has teleports, speed-ups, walk-through-walls, and many more! If there is anything to make this game even better, somehow making the link play to max 4 human players and a little bit more of kinds of items would be awesome. Overall, “Bomberman” is great!

Good: Nice grayscale, smooth-scrolling screen, good AI, smooth two-player link game, nice items.

Better If: Four-player game exists, more items (remote control and zappers!)

Overall score: 9.5 of 10

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