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Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2007-09-18
This is a very good NES Bomberman clone for the TI-83+

Graphics: 9/10

Very good for its kind of game and loads pretty fast for BASIC

Gameplay/controls: 10/10

Pretty much flawless, fast and fun

Replay value: 8/10

Kinda addicting

Overall: 9/10

A must try!

Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-11-27
This is a really cool version of “Bomberman”. First, it sort of has an AI. Even though the AI isn't very hard to avoid, it does add some challenge though. But since this game makes random blocks, it has unlimited levels. And the interface is neat. So if you want a 1-player “Bomberman” game, this is it!

Controls-10/10 Duh.
Memory-9/10 Good
Usage-10/10 Cool features
Overall-10/10 Really neat!

Review by  Lewk Of Serthic
Reviewed on 2004-09-07
“Bomberman” is without a doubt the absolute best TI-BASIC game I have ever seen. It runs so nicely (even on my 83+) that if you told me it was ASM, I would believe you. It doesn't seem to ever slow down even with its superb graphics. The author put a lot of thought into the gameplay as well. You can even blow up the exit if you aren't careful. Download this program, you'll be surprised.

Graphics: 9/10 (for BASIC)
GamePlay: 10/10 (for BASIC)
Effort: 11/10 (The author deserves an award)
Overall: 10/10 (for BASIC)

Review by  Jonathan Pezzino
Reviewed on 2004-08-30
The object of the game is to navigate a maze by blowing up sections of if using your bombs. Once you finish, you must fight a boss who dances around you with surprising agility.

This game is incredible! I was shocked by the graphics, speed, and gameplay. Anyone who has ever played a BASIC game will be blown away when they see this one. The graphics are perfect for the game and resemble those of an assembly game. Despite the graphical complexity, there is almost no lag (I have a TI-84+ SE). The gameplay is very fun and seems pretty much identical to the little bit of the original “Bomberman” I have played.

Probably the best BASIC game you will ever play. Period. (The half point off is for a short wait before each level, but this is just nitpicking.)

Review by  Shaun McFall
Reviewed on 2004-08-29
All out of 10:
Graphics - 9; It has a wonderful mix of graphics and text representations.
Gameplay - 8; It is fun, and a good “Bomberman” clone, it is just lacking power-ups.
Controls - 10; They’re simple, but good.
Size- 9; For the type of game it is great. It is very well optimized.
Programing - 10; Excellent use of routines etc.

Orignality - 5; It is a “Bomberman” clone, so it isn’t too original.

Total- 8.5; “Bomberman” is one of the best BASIC games I have seen to this day. It has a wonderful mix of graphics and text representations, it is fast, and well optimized.

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