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Review by  drew notteling
Reviewed on 2007-12-17
Hrmph. The only thing I can find wrong with this game, and it's a big one, is I can't play any other RPG anymore! Not because of tech issues, just because they seem so... boring compared to this one. Whoever made this is a master, and deserves POTM at the very least. This is a great download.

Gameplay: 10/10


Graphics 9/10


Space 4/10

Ugh. This is killing my RAM!

Overall 9/10

An amazing game.

Review by  James Lennon
Reviewed on 2007-12-17
THIS IS THE BEST RPG EVER!!!! I have played this game through twice and have no intention of deleting the game. This game has set a new standard in relation to what Asm RPG's I'll play. The graphics are very good and the thought that went into game design didn't happen overnight. The only thing that gets annoying is when there is a lot of water on-screen, then the game slows; other than that no major speed issues.

Graphics: 9/10

Speed issues with a lot of water on-screen.

Gameplay: 9.5/10

You only lose 1 or 2 gc when selling stuff back to the shop.

Story: 7/10

The ending was stinky.

Bugs: 9/10

The healing spell is messed up.

Overall: 9/10

Review by  Conget Ngan
Reviewed on 2005-01-10
Graphics: 9/10 Graphics are amazing. I cannot believe I am just playing on TI-83+! It looks like a gameboy!

Gameplay: 8/10 Not bad, there is a shop and nice animation! Bosses are good. Only I think that this game is still too short for me. It could contain more chapters!

Story: 6/10 Story is not bad, but I did not like the ending. I think there could be more story in this game. I think it is a shame, because the beginning was very, very good!

Bugs: 3/10 There are a lot of bugs. I used one bug to play this game. If you buy an item and sell it, you only wasted one gold and not half of the price of the item. In the last chapter, I kept doing this until the best weapon, armors, bows or shields come out, and then bought them! Not only that, I don’t like the magic system. I try to heal Lelani, but it is not possible. When I select magic, heal and Lelani, it show animation of healing Lelani, but it heals David. Another bug occurred when I had to use Meteor magic against random enemies; the game suddenly stopped fight mode! These little bugs have to be fixed in order for this to be a good game!

Overall: 7/10 Fascinating game after all, with the exception of the bugs. It is worth playing! Even I need to replay this game three times because my batteries died, but I still played and finished the game after all. It cost me two whole days to finish it. My compliments to the author!

Review by  Samir T
Reviewed on 2004-10-18
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is, by far, the best RPG I have ever seen for the TI. It has incredible graphics, and manages to stay overall really compact, considering those entire memory wasting ones that are out there. The gameplay is great; it's loaded with sidequests, and although it does let you run from virtually any battle, it's not like you have to, so I wouldn't really count that against it. It is somewhat lacking in storyline, but it's a calculator game; it's not meant to be a master novel. There are more chapters coming that could spice it up as well. It is also very long for a game of its type, although I don't have an exact figure.

My final scores:
Memory Used:8.5/10

Review by  ____ ______
Reviewed on 2004-08-21
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Graphics: This game has some excellent graphics, except for the rather major factor that it is in black and white. The sprites are wonderful though in the inn (especially), the floor and walls make objects extremely hard to see.

Objects & People: There are some items, more than most calculator games, but there are far too few. The tent, surprisingly, can only be used for ONE player, and, furthermore, the enemies wait kindly for you to finish resting! The people have little personality and merely give you quests, often easy and useless, or attack you for no reason. The main characters show no personality or consistency whatsoever.

Gameplay: Fights are pretty fun until you realize that you can almost always flee safely, there are very few enemies, and fleeing from the main boss wins the game. The map is small, but sufficient. Most of the game consists of fighting, and shopkeepers provide a desperate attempt to avoid that. However, for a calculator game, the gameplay is pretty good.

Realism: Not realistic at all, even for a fantasy game. Somebody decided to steal the pillows from the inn and eventually a lady gives them back to you, leaving you wondering how in the world she got them.

Difficulty and bugs: I felt that this was extremely easy to complete, taking me only about an hour and a half. Bugs include: fleeing from main boss or sub-bosses means you win against them and after you talk to people, you talk to other people.

Though I admit this to be a game worth trying, I give it, overall, a rating of 52%.

Review by  Lewk Of Serthic
Reviewed on 2004-08-21
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This, without a doubt, is the best RPG for the TI-83/+ there is! Everything about it is great. The sprites are beautifully drawn, considering the screen resolution, and move smoothly. The battle engine is great, as well as the level up system. Being able to choose what aspect of your character you want to improve is a great feature rarely seen on calculator RPGs. Even the story is superb. And if you beat it, don't despair, there are five more chapters on the way!

Graphics: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Story: 9/10
Overall: 10/10 (Stop reading this review and download it!)

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