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Windows X


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Filename windowsx.zip (Download)
Title Windows X
Description This is a windows-like shell for the TI-83+. It can do many things, including running Ion and up to five other Basic programs. Also included are six built-in apps: VARS Master, which can clear variables and perform garbage collects, PicView, which allows you to view any picture on your calculator, Prob Test, which will choose a random number between any two integers you want, String Saver, a program that can save, edit, and delete up to four strings, TI-Timer, that can either count or countdown from any number you choose, and GuessGame, a game where you must find a random number between 1 and 10, 1 and 100, 1 and 1000, or 1 and 1 million. Other features include changeable password protection, your choice of up to 10 different background images, screensavers (17 are already included, plus image previews), and a customizable text phrase that appears on the menu bar. Version 1.1 takes up less space than 1.0. All in all, this program takes up less than 4k!
Author Andy Kay (andrewrocks2003@yahoo.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Misc. Programs (Shells)
File Size 40,809 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jul 3 02:48:56 2004
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
windowsx/.DS_Store   6148
windowsx/=AWINDOWS.8xp   3045
windowsx/=Pic0.8xi   832
windowsx/=ZPROGRAM.8xp   408
windowsx/=ZSLEEP.8xp   80
windowsx/=ZWINX.8xl   103
windowsx/bg pics/.DS_Store   6148
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-1.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-10.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-2.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-3.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-4.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-5.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-6.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-7.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-8.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/Pic1-9.8xi   832
windowsx/bg pics/bgpics.txt   387
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS1.gif   1385
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS10.gif   1428
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS11.gif   1447
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS12.gif   1260
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS13.gif   2090
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS2.gif   1197
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS3.gif   1634
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS4(83).gif   1594
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS4(83+).gif   1603
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS4(83+SE).gif   1616
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS4(84+).gif   1608
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS4(84+SE).gif   1686
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS5.gif   1639
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS6.gif   1601
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS7.gif   1552
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS8.gif   1628
windowsx/screensaverimages/SS9.gif   1589
windowsx/screensavers/.DS_Store   6148
windowsx/screensavers/SS1.8xp   195
windowsx/screensavers/SS10.8xp   229
windowsx/screensavers/SS11.8xp   215
windowsx/screensavers/SS12.8xp   224
windowsx/screensavers/SS13.8xp   273
windowsx/screensavers/SS2.8xp   125
windowsx/screensavers/SS3.8xP   471
windowsx/screensavers/SS4(83).8xp   141
windowsx/screensavers/SS4(83+).8xp   142
windowsx/screensavers/SS4(83+SE).8xp   143
windowsx/screensavers/SS4(84+).8xp   142
windowsx/screensavers/SS4(84+SE).8xp   143
windowsx/screensavers/SS5.8xp   192
windowsx/screensavers/SS6.8xp   153
windowsx/screensavers/SS7.8xp   189
windowsx/screensavers/SS8.8xp   172
windowsx/screensavers/SS9.8xp   175
windowsx/screensavers/screensavers.txt   1184
windowsx/windowsx.txt   6407

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