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Review by  matt bob
Reviewed on 2008-02-26
It was rated good, but this game is not worth the download. I am not an expert programmer, but this is pointless. This game is all pictures where u "punch" and beat up some kid. Sorry for whoever liked this, but not good enough for me.


Review by  Vincent Jünemann
Reviewed on 2004-06-16
There is none. Story: You got to kill some kid of which no one has heard of. How? By choosing from a range of different “attacks” If you are “lucky,” you kill the guy, if not, you get killed. That's it.
Points: 0/10 ... Zero points for zero gameplay.

As bad as hell. Those graphics will remind you of the drawings you made when you were eight. Somewhere in the middle of the game, there is a rip-off image from pokemon (ash “Afaik”) displayed. Don't ask me why though. But there is something worse than those drawings: the “animations.” When you “attack” the screen flickers as hell. That's it. Just displaying two bad drawn pictures in a row. Neat huh? For the rest, the game is text-based.
Points: 1/10 ... One point because it is not completly text based.

Well, the readme states that there are seven different endings. Don't ask me how they look like, because I was too bored after 30 seconds to find out. If the game was fun, then there would be a replay value.
Points: 2/10 ... seven different endings.

”Kill Sha-ief 2” lacks everything. I would advise the author to think of a real story. Everyone with a brain would agree with me that this is the worst game ever made.

My advice: Don't download it. It's a waste of time. For both gamer and author.

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