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Review by  nick bugaev
Reviewed on 2009-12-26
Gameplay- Almost exact as the board game with great play. The only problem for me is- the enter key button mashing. I have to press it like 20 times to get the game to move. I don't know if the problem is with my 84+. 9/10

Memory- Reasonable size for this game. 10/10

Creativity- By messing around with some of the rules and adding some new features creates your own level of creativity for this game. All the differences are clearly shown within the readme. 10/10

File- Descriptive readme. 10/10

Graphics- I can't really judge on those small pictures but the moving of the pieces is very fast. Nice start screen. 9/10

Controls- Very user friendly and it even shows you what to press on the screen. 10/10

Overall- Great to have a little piece of monopoly in your calc. 10/10

Suggestions- ability to choose your own piece

-Single player would be nice, not asking for much.

Well that's my review. Now I need to get out of jail!

Review by  s l
Reviewed on 2005-12-22
This game is a perfect recreation of the popular board game. The graphics are ok, but you can see clearly all the stats for you and all the other players. It is a great game to play at school if you can manage to pass the calculator from player to player. I recommend this game to anyone who is bored in math class and likes “Monopoly”.

Replayability-10/10 (Who gets tired of “Monopoly”?)
Memory Usage-10/10 (Doesn’t take up enough to even worry about)
Overall-10/10 (Definitely worth keeping on your calculator)

Review by  Clay Showalter
Reviewed on 2005-05-07
“Monopoly83p” is incredible. It takes my favorite board game and re-creates it perfectly on the calculator. It is less complicated to play than the physical board game, since you don't have to keep track of your houses, money, etc. The calculator does it all for you. This game is a must-have for you monopoly lovers.

Review by  Oliver Kliebisch
Reviewed on 2005-01-01
I like this Monopoly game. The only thing I think is missing is AI for the lonely hours. If the developer could manage creating AI, a save function, or a two calc playable version, that would be great!

Graphics: 8/10 The real Monopoly images, but nothing special
Gameplay: 10/10 Easy to use.
Fun: 10/10 If you have one who plays with you it's really fun!
Overall: 7/10. The game is good, but Monopoly takes too long to play it during school breaks, and at any other time you can play “Monopoly” without a calculator!

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-09-13
I like the idea of having a graphical “Monopoly” for the calc., but I have one tiny complaint: There is no AI! I don't even think that trading properties would need to be included in the game as an AI choice, it shouldn't be too hard to make an AI. I think the only trouble you would have with AI making is how to get them to buy houses and hotels.

Overall, I give “Monopoly83p” a 4 out of 5 since it is a well-designed game, but if you're playing with other people, it might be hard to play this in school.

Review by  Edward Gan
Reviewed on 2004-05-31
This games version of “Monopoly” rocks! The graphics are as good as black and white can get, and the gameplay coincides 99% with that of the board game. “Monopoly83p” contains the correct chance cards, deeds and also includes trading. I think that this game really should be featured! I think that if an AI is added, “Monopoly83p” would easily be one of the top 10 games for the 83+, but it is still already a very high quality game.

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