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Review by  Kevin Boyer
Reviewed on 2006-03-26
"09 Armies" is one of the best BASIC games out there. Its concept is simple; you can learn how to play by trial and error quite quickly. One thing you will need is many players- I got lucky in that there were about five of us playing. The more players you have, the better this game is. I have yet to find another BASIC game that implements linking this well (which is to say, it's far from perfect, but still extremely fun).

Play this game if you have at least two other friends that will play it with you. Shut me up and download it now.

Concept: 9/10 simple, but complex at the same time.
Graphics: 7/10 it's pure BASIC, what do you expect?
Replay: 10/10 if you have someone to play with
Controls: 9/10 simple enough
Overall: 9/10 play it.

Review by  Trevin Murakami
Reviewed on 2004-11-16
This is a pretty nice game. “09 Armies: The Ultimate Return” has a fairly strong strategy, decent graphics, and a nice way to see if you can pummel your friends in a new venue.

There are some glaring problems, though. First, I had way too much time on my hands, and so I tested each possible way to see how to maximize my army at level one. It took a while, but I did it. Here's the catch: The regrouping ability is nice, but the extra time made by training it isn't enough for the amount of units/ratings lost to pay for it. Also, I'm not quite sure what archers are good for, since their cheap skill is Health, but then everyone else dies off and they're left all alone.

Overall, this game is a really nice game for some good times and friendly competition with friends, but if not enough people play, then it gets to be pretty boring.

My advice: Keep an eye on this game, and get a bunch of people to play it for some really great times.

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