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Review by  Kyle S
Reviewed on 2005-01-12
“Kirby's TI Land” (“Kirby's Dreamland” for the original Gameboy platform) is a very well put together clone of the game released by Nintendo. There are few errors in recreation of the maps. Also, there are a few sprites missing from that of the actual game, and the jump action leaves a little bit to be desired, but for the most part it is a mirror image of a classic. I highly recommend downloading this for your 89 today. Even if you hate “Kirby,” one must appreciate the time and effort put into this masterpiece. The gameplay will surely leave you with many class periods of fun.

Bottom Line – 9/10

Review by  Nathan Dykhuis
Reviewed on 2004-10-11
This is certainly one of the best 89 “GameBoy” remakes in existence. “Kirby's TIland” is, in graphics and gameplay, nearly identical to the “GameBoy” version (though there isn’t color). There is little more to say. One small problem is the game needs to be in RAM if you want to save your game or high score. However, this may only be because I am using a patched version on a Titanium.

All in all, this game deserves 10/10. Well done!

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